V-Jump Leak Shows Jiren As Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 2 DLC

Jeff Kotuby,

January 18, 2019 2:42 PM

Another round of pesky V-Jump leaks revealed yet another piece of Dragon Ball FighterZ news, confirming that Jiren will be joining the cast as the first Season 2 DLC character. There also may be some hints that more news is on its way.

This has been a very big week for the Dragon Ball franchise to say the least. First, the new movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, has made over $15 million its first few days in theaters (and hasn't even hit the weekend totals yet!) Now, we get the news that Dragon Ball FighterZ will be receiving a second season, and its first DLC character will be Jiren, the commander of the Pride Troopers and the most powerful fighter of Universe 11. 

Jiren officiellement dévoilé par le mensuel V-Jump. pic.twitter.com/F7x70hSI7L

— DBFZ France (@DBFZfr) January 18, 2019

A French DBFZ fan account on Twitter posted the above scan of a leaked issue of V-Jump magazine, showing Jiren and Goku Blue in what seems to be a cinematic scene from the game. Could this be the tease of a potential Dramatic Finish between the two characters, possibly leading to our first look at Ultra Instinct Goku in DBFZ? 

It might be hard to see, but there are some thoughts that the article gives us another tease of more news to come, thanks to the "...!?" shown between the two white boxes in the scan. This could mean the introduction of Jiren's DLC partner is coming at some point in the near future, possibly at the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals. A gameplay trailer for Jiren is also rumoured to drop at the event, but there's been no confirmation or leaks regarding that at the moment. 

So, Who is Jiren?

If you haven't been tuning into Dragon Ball Super, Jiren functions as the series' final boss, being the only person between Goku and his friends saving their universe. He is the reason Goku is able to break through his limits not once, but twice, and achieve the heralded "Ultra Instinct" mode, where each limb of his body is able to move seamlessly without thought and become practically untouchable. 

UI Goku has the best theme music ever. 

We'll have some updates as more news starts coming in, so stay tuned! DBFZ isn't the only fighting game in town with some news, either! Yesterday, some new details regarding Mortal Kombat 11 were revealed thanks to a livestream. Here are some details about the Premium and "Kollector's Edition" of everyone's favorite brutal, bloody fighting game series!


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