YouTube Star KSI Experiences Racism While Playing Fortnite

Nicholas Barth,

January 18, 2019 12:16 PM

Popular YouTube creator KSI was on the receiving end of racist remarks in a game of Fortnite when playing a squads match with random players.

Olajide "KSI" Olatunji is one of the most popular content creators on the platform of YouTube where everything from FIFA to music production can be found on the various YouTube channels of the YouTuber. One of the latest videos from KSI saw the YouTuber attempt to get his first win on the popular battle royale title of Fortnite. However, while playing in a squads match with random Fortnite players, KSI was on the receiving end of racist remarks by one of the his teammates that left the YouTuber extremely furious. 

KSI YouTube Fortnite
(Source: KSI via Facebook)

KSI YouTube Fortnite Adventure Doesn't Go As Planned

After failing to find much success playing by himself, the YouTuber decided to play a Fortnite squads match in order to play with some other players and hopefully have a better chance of securing a Victory Royale. Unfortunately, during one of these Fortnite squads matches, the YouTube creator was paired up with a player by the name of BOSS Russki. After stating that he was from Germany, BOSS Russki went on to ask KSI if he was a "n*****".

The YouTuber responded to the racist remark by BOSS Russki by being rightfully furious at the player for his comment. However, this did not stop BOSS Russki from continuing to direct the racial slur at the YouTuber for the remainder of their Fortnite match. BOSS Russki even went on to continue his racist remarks after their entire squad had been eliminated which prompted an emotional response by the popular YouTube star towards his teammate. 

(WARNING: The following video contains racist and vulgar language.)

"BOSS Russki, I will remember that name for the rest of my life. If I am ever in Germany, and I find your f**king face. You're done fam. You're done. Mark my words," said KSI. 

While Fortnite and other online multiplayer titles are great platforms for people to meet new friends, there are times where meeting new people can result in very negative situations as shown in this recent YouTube video by KSI. 

(cover photo courtesy of KSI via YouTube)


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