Capcom Reveals North American Street Fighter Pro League Series

Jeff Kotuby,

January 22, 2019 8:11 AM

Today, Capcom announced news of a 3-on-3 team tournament series called the North American Street Fighter Pro League."

Earlier today, Capcom announced the creation of the North American Street Fighter Pro League, a 3-versus-3 six-team tournament series that will supplement, not replace, the Capcom Pro Tour. Six top ranking players on the Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) 2018 North American leaderboards will be extended invitations to participate in the League as team captains. The second slot on the team will be a finalist from an online qualifier. The third slot on the team will be comprised of a pool of players selected by the community. Captains will be able to draft their teams at the start of the season from the player pools. The first season will kick off in April, and will wrap up in late June, where the top two teams will roll into season two. The season two draft will kick off in August and run through November, culminating in the first North America Pro League Champion. The event seems to draw inspiration from the popular Topanga series, which is a 5-on-5 Japanese team tournament with a similar ruleset (though not exactly the same. We'll explain a bit further.) 

“We thought adding team play to a Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition tournament series would bring a compelling layer of strategy and drama to the format,” said Yoshinori Ono, Street Fighter series Executive Producer, Capcom. “We are exploring this new format within a new tournament series, in addition to our ongoing support of the existing popular Capcom Pro Tour. We hope our fans will enjoy this fresh perspective on Street Fighter esports and we’ll be analyzing their feedback to incorporate into future seasons of the League.” 

Oddly enough, the league will introduce a “character ban” feature. At the start of each match, teams will have the opportunity to ban one character for the entirety of the match. Players must also choose different characters from their teammates for the duration of the match. According to Capcom, the goal "is for the teams to strategize the matchups in and out of game by working more closely as a team, especially if the best player may not necessarily get to play their best character exclusively." This feature will undoubtedly be the most controversial aspect of the series, as character loyalists like FOX|Tokido (or, in this case, a North American equivalent) will no doubt be targeted by opposing teams and forced to play characters they're less experienced with. 

Don't get used to seeing this face (kanji?) during this event.

We'll provide more details as they become available, but you can also follow Capcom Fighters on  Twitter and Facebook for more updates as well. To keep the fighting game event theme alive, check out this incredible fan event held by Marvel vs. Capcom 2 pros who want to keep their favorite game alive!


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