How to Get Honor Guard View 20 Exclusive Fortnite Skin

Nicholas Barth,

January 22, 2019 10:12 AM

The Honor View 20 Android phone will be getting an exclusive Fortnite Guard skin for players who purchase and play on the device.

One of the major draws that has led Fortnite Battle Royale to being one of the most popular video games in the world has been the consistent flow of new and unique cosmetic items that Epic Games creates for Fortnite that allow players to customize their playing experience. Many of these skins and other cosmetic items have been the result of partnerships with various companies where their gaming platform receives exclusive cosmetic items. The latest case of this exclusivity when it comes to Fortnite cosmetic items is a new Guard skin that has been announced for players who play on the Honor View 20 Android phone. 

Honor Guard View 20 Fortnite Skin

The announcement of the Guard new cosmetic item was made on Tuesday, January 22nd. This Honor View 20 phone will be the first Android device to run Fortnite at the glorious rate of 60 FPS. However, an impressive frame rate will not be the only perk of playing Fortnite on the Honor View 20 phone, as players who play on the device will also receive an exclusive View 20 Guard skin. 

Honor Guard View 20 Fortnite
(Source: Honor)

Fortnite Honor Guard View 20 Skin
(Source: Honor)

The exclusive deal for this particular Guard cosmetic item is not the first time that Epic Games has partnered with a phone company to create an exclusive skin for players on a mobile device, as the Galaxy skin was an exclusive cosmetic item at the center of a deal between Samsung and Epic Games. 

Players interested in attaining the Honor View 20 and its exclusive Fortnite Guard skin can do so now, as the Android phone is now available for purchase on the company's website. Unfortunately, purchasing and playing on the Honor View 20 phone is the only way currently that players will be able to collect the new and exclusive Guard skin for the popular battle royale title. 

(cover photo courtesy of Honor UK)


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