Could The Latest Patch For Overwatch Spell The End Of GOATS?

Zac Cameron,

January 24, 2019 9:18 PM

The Overwatch community has long thought that the meta of the game needs to change, and Blizzard seems to be listening with their latest patch. However, are the changes introduced into the game going to be enough?

Overwatch received a new patch today, that introduced some cool new skins, as well as some balance changes that players are hoping will be enough to cut the prevalence of the GOATS comp. for those who are not aware of GOATS, it’s a specific team composition involving certain characters in the game that has proven at high levels (and pretty effective in lower levels) of being nigh-unstoppable. Players have been dealing with GOATS for a few months now and have been complaining to Blizzard to make changes to the meta to introduce new life into the game. It looks like Blizzard have been listening, but will the changes be enough to kill GOATS?

The changes introduced in the latest patch are as follows: Armor changes and specific hero changes. In general, Armor has been made a bit weaker. The damage reduction has gone down from -5 to -3, and Brigitte, who gives Armor to allied heroes with her Ultimate Ability, now has her gifted Armor wear off after 30 seconds. This means that tanks with Armor are a little bit squishier now, and a Brigitte Ultimate is no longer as potent for as long.

On top of that, D.Va also received a nerf to her Defense Matrix ability, with the cooldown between uses increasing from 1 second to 2 seconds. D.Va players will now have to better judge when to use this ability to eliminate incoming damage, rather than quickly popping it every second.

Finally, Reaper received a buff this patch. The life steal healing from the damage Reaper deals has gone from 30% to 50%, meaning his ability to survive in fights should go up. This counts for all damage Reaper deals, including his Ultimate Ability, so players can probably expect to see more Reaper’s in their games now.

But is this going to be enough to kill GOATS? While the Armor nerf is a pretty big deal, the real problem with GOATS is the amount of shielding the composition can offer the team, as well as the healing output of the other characters in the comp. Yes, Armor will be weaker, but that doesn’t really matter if players can’t get past the shields offered by characters like Reinhardt and Zarya. Similarly, the onus will now move onto the other supports, like Moira, to put out more healing to compensate for Brigitte’s Armor nerf. Unfortunately, I believe we’re still going to see a lot of GOATS for a while yet. At the very least until we see another top team come out with a new unbeatable team comp that is.


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