Twitch Rivals Hearthstone Bracket, Schedule and Stream

Nicholas Barth,

January 28, 2019 9:39 AM

Twitch Rivals is back with the Hearthstone Arena Team Draft Challenge, and we have the bracket, stream and all of the other information you need to know covered.

Fans of the popular streaming platform of Twitch and Blizzard Entertainment's highly successful digital card game of Hearthstone will be excited to see that the two video game forces will be joining together for a highly anticipated esports event in the upcoming Twitch Rivals Hearthstone Arena Team Draft Challenge. Featuring some of the most talented and popular Hearthstone players on the platform, this particular Twitch Rivals event will see 20 teams from North America and Europe compete against one another for the lion's share of a $10,000 prize pool.

If you are interested in catching all of the action from the Twitch Rivals Hearthstone event, be sure to check out the bracket, schedule and stream of the tournament that we have all covered below for your convenience. 

Twitch Rivals Hearthstone
(Source: Twitch)

Twitch Rivals Hearthstone Bracket, Schedule and Stream

Viewers will be able to begin watching all of the adrenaline pumping action from the Hearthstone tournament on Tuesday, January 29th beginning at 10 AM PST/ 12 PM CST/ 1 PM EST/ 7 PM CET on the official Twitch Rivals channel. An embedded version of the broadcast can be found below. 

Competing teams in the Rivals event will have until 6 PM PST/ 8 PM CST/ 9 PM EST/ 3 AM CET on January 29th to submit their final Arena scores for the Twitch Rivals Hearthstone event. The participants of the tournament have not yet been announced, but we will update this article with a complete bracket of the event when it is first made available. 

The teams will consist of two players each with each being scored based on their cumulative best consecutive three Arena runs. Each win in the counted Arena run will be counted as one point with a maximum of 72 points being allowed. Ties in the tournament will be decided based on the fewest total amount of losses. Each of the top 10 teams in the final standings of the event will receive a share of the $10,000 prize pool. 

With a grand prize of $4,000 and the title of Twitch Rivals Hearthstone Arena Team Draft Challenge Champions on the line, viewers can expect to see a great deal of exciting gameplay be put on display through all of the highly anticipated action on January 29th. 

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