StarLadder Might Be Hosting The 15th CS: GO Major In Berlin

Zac Cameron,

February 7, 2019 9:38 PM

The Ukrainian based company might be on the line to host a major Counter-Strike tournament later this year, according to sources.

Ukrainian based tournament organizer StarLadder might be set to host the next major CS: GO tournament after IEM Katowice, according to a report from Dexerto. The report outlines a possible return of Counter-Strike Majors in Germany, with a new event to take place in Fall of this year.

The last time a Major for Counter-Strike was held in Germany was ESL One Cologne back in 2016, with the prestigious tournaments bouncing around the globe from North America, Poland, and England to name a few. Cologne, Germany has previously been touted by ESL as the “Cathedral of Counter-Strike”, and it looks like StarLadder might be aiming to bring that hype to Berlin later this year.

StarLadder already showcased their skill at the Chongqing Major for Dota 2
StarLadder already showcased their skill at the Chongqing Major for Dota 2

IEM Katowice is set to end in early March of this year, and according to Dexerto there will be an approximately six-month gap between this and the upcoming StarLadder event. This news comes just days before the New Challengers Stage of IEM Katowice kicks off, with the highly anticipated event set to launch on February 13th. Counter-Strike Majors are frequently some of the most exciting tournaments for esports fans to watch, and after StarLadder proved their mettle with the recent Chongqing Major for Dota 2, it looks like they’ll have the opportunity to bring the hype back to Germany.


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