William Rosa Sets New Tapper World Record After 24-Hour Stream

Zac Cameron,

February 8, 2019 6:45 PM

After setting himself up nicely with a 24-hour challenge to break the Tapper world record, William Rosa is once again the best in the world!

The world has a new champion at Tapper, and his name is William Rosa! After a grueling 24-hour challenge, the man, the myth, the legend himself has claimed the world record for Tapper (Arcade) after playing the game for just under 24-hours. You can see the moment he passed the previous record in the clip below.

William Rosa is no stranger to marathon Tapper attempts, as we’ve previously covered his 19-hour attempt to break the world record that saw him achieve a score of 10,361,550; enough to hand him second place but not enough to give him the new record at the time, which was held by Lauren Featherstone and set in 2017.

What’s more incredible about this latest record run by Rosa, is the fact that despite breaking the record he continued to play for over an hour longer. In fact, you can catch Rosa in action right now in the embed below as he continues to play. It’s always great to see a new record set for an older game, especially a classic like Tapper. The pressure in Tapper comes not just in the endurance of playing a game for over 24-hours, although that in itself is no small feat, but also keeping track of what spawned first and how fast they cross the bar before going away. Combine the intensity of playing the game at a high level with the mental and physical stamina of being able to play for a full day, and you’ve got a recipe for greatness on your hands. Congratulations William Rosa, and when you do stop playing, enjoy your rest. You’ve earned it.

Update: Now that Rosa's run has come to an end, his final score and the new world is 14,826,200!

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