Team Liquid Drops Their Heroes Of The Storm Team

Zac Cameron,

February 9, 2019 7:35 PM

In the wake of the decision to shut down the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship, it seems some teams are cutting their losses in regard to their pro teams.

Team Liquid has been a staple of the Heroes of the Storm esports scene since its inception. Back in 2014 the team competed in the BlizzCon Exhibition Tournament, which was the start of their journey to the top of the scene. By 2018, the team had accomplished their goal of qualifying for the Heroes Global Championship World Championship. What was not predicted by the team, or anyone around the pro Heroes scene, was that by the end of 2018 Blizzard would pull their support for the competitive scene completely.

It’s now been two months since Blizzard effectively killed off the HotS pro scene, and Team Liquid has made the call to pull the plug on their pro team. Earlier today, the organization announced their decision to release their roster of Dennis “HasuObs” Schneider, Nils “Nurok” Gebhardt, Aleksandar “ethernal” Milanov, Ivan “SportBilly” Koturi?, and Liam “Arcaner” Simpson.

Liquid founder and CEO Victor Goossens included a personal statement with the announcement, where he talked about the gratitude he has for the team and their achievements over the past five years. After that expression of gratitude however, Goossens had some words for Blizzard, and what he believed were the problems they made with the HGC. “Ultimately within Blizzard there was a commitment to putting a product out there, but far too few resources were spent to establish monetization that I am confident would have supported the league because of the game’s devoted fan base,” Goossens said.

Team Liquid is remaining in the HotS space, keeping SportBilly, Nurok, and HasuObs as streamers under the Team Liquid banner. But it looks like the organization has realized that the HGC is unlikely to return, and it’s time to move on to other esports.


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