Former Red Reserve Players May Have A New Home For CWL Pro League

Zac Cameron,

February 10, 2019 10:33 PM

The former roster of Red Reserve may have just found a new home and organization for the CWL Pro League.

Fans of Red Reserve’s Call of Duty roster may be in for a treat in the coming days, with rumors the team might be joining Ghost Gaming for the CWL Pro League. Sudden Twitter activity on the part of the players suggest that the European stars Joee, Rated, Zer0, Skrapz, and Bance might be joining the org very soon. Fans noticed that Joee and Rated both followed Ghost Gaming's General Manager Rob at the same time, which usually points towards some kind of deal. The ex-Red Reserve players are all reportedly keen to find a new org and keep playing, while on their part Ghost Gaming is one of the few major esports orgs without a competitive Call of Duty team right now.

According to unofficial reports, Ghost Gaming is one of three major teams looking to the former Red Reserve players, with G2 Esports and FaZe Clan also reportedly looking to pick them up. The reports also claim that one of the major negotiation items from the players side is the desire to have a gaming house, meaning whichever org is willing to outlay that kind of expense is likely the team that will sign the players. For now, fans will have to keep an eye on the players social media, to see if any announcements are made in the coming days.


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