Nintendo Direct February 13 - How to Watch

Jason Fanelli,

February 12, 2019 2:02 PM

The next Nintendo Direct is coming February 13, and we've set up a handy guide on the best ways to watch whatever Nintendo is preparing to show off.

The first Nintendo Direct of 2019 is coming on February 13 at 5PM Eastern (2PM Pacific), and the gaming community will be  tuning in to see what Nintendo has up its sleeve for the coming year. If you don’t want to be left on the outside looking in, here’s how you can watch the entire presentation from top to bottom

The announcement tweet from Nintendo of America’s official Twitter lists the official Nintendo Direct website as the place to be, and that’s not a bad start. However, that website just sports the YouTube livestream from the Nintendo YouTube channel and little else, so if you’d rather watch the feed directly you can check it out (or click through to YouTube) below:

If Twitch is more your style, the official Nintendo Twitch channel will also be broadcasting the Direct live. The Twitch feed, should you prefer it,  is below:

Those are the best ways to take in everything the February Nintendo Direct will have to offer. Let the rumors and speculation run wild...until 5PM Eastern, 2PM Pacific on February 13.

What are people saying going into this latest Nintendo update? Check out what to expect and how the internet has reacted so far ahead of the February Nintendo Direct.


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