Call of Duty World League to Adopt City-Based Franchising

Nicholas Barth,

February 12, 2019 2:47 PM

The Call of Duty World League or CWL will be moving to a city-based franchise model in the future.

Franchising has become a major part in the world of esports during the past couple of years with the professional leagues for League of Legends and Overwatch adopting a franchised structure for competing teams. Now, it has been confirmed that the Call of Duty World League (CWL) will be the next major esports league to move into having city-based franchised teams. 

According to a report by Call of Duty media outlet Charlie Intel, Activision stated during the organization's Q4 2018 earnings call on Tuesday, February 12th that Activision confirmed that it would be launching a city-based franchise league for the Call of Duty esports scene. 

This confirmation of the CWL adopting a city-based franchise model followed an official job posting by the CWL that was posted on esports jobs website Hitmarker. This Hitmarker job posted details that the esports league for the popular first-person shooter franchise is currently for a Brand Manager where the description of the position heavily focuses on the franchising shift of the CWL. 

"The brand manager will be the steward of the Call of Duty World League brand and will help to manage the look and feel of the Call of Duty World League with franchise owners, broadcasters and other external partners," stated the job posting. 

"Partner with Director of Marketing to formulate the global brand strategy & tactics for Call of Duty World League," the job posting continued. "Work with internal Activision’s Call of Duty franchise marketing teams in the customization and local execution of these plans."

Call of Duty World League CWL Franchising Franchise
Optic Gaming will be representing a city for Call of Duty in the near future

It is not too surprising to see that Activision will be having the CWL adopt a city-based franchise model for its competing teams when the organization's other major esports league in the Overwatch League currently operates in the same manner. 


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