Getting Weapon Parts in Anthem - Full Guide

Jeff Kotuby,

February 20, 2019 3:50 PM

Aren't we all hurting for Weapon Parts in Anthem? Here's how to get your hands on some parts and craft the gear you need to smite your enemies!

Just like every other massively-multiplayer game like it, Anthem requires a little bit of material grinding to get the weapons and armor you want. In Anthem, the almighty resource you need to have on you at all times comes in the form of Weapon Parts. Weapon Parts are used to, well, craft weapons (imagine that) and armor (sort of unexpected) as you find recipes through your travels. Here are just a few ways to find Weapon Parts in Anthem: 

How to Get Weapon Parts in Anthem

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What sort of open world exploration-type game would Anthem be without chests to loot from? The game's Freeplay mode allows you to explore your surroundings and come across Chests and various piles of stuff strewn about. These nodes have a chance to reward you with Weapon Parts. 

Break Down Weapons

Obviously, the absolute best way to get your hands on Weapon Parts is to break down weapons! Breaking down lower rarity weapons or lesser weapons as you replace them will yield the best results when looking for parts. And I mean, it shouldn't really be a surprise that this is the best way to get parts - we've literally been breaking down old gear for materials since Vanilla World of Warcraft (and some of us even before that!) 


You can also get your inner wasteful billionaire on and buy Weapon Parts with Coins. That will ultimately get expensive after a while, so this should only be done in a pinch. 

Other Ways(?)

While those are the only two ways so far to get your hands on Weapon Parts, there may be more ways in the future. If MMOs have taught us anything, it's that eventually there will be more ways to grind materials. Whether this will be a repeatable quest, or a reward from clearing endgame content remains to be seen - but we don't think anyone's going to turn down more Weapon Parts at any stage of the game. 

We'll be continuing our Anthem coverage in preparation for the game's "official" launch on February 22, so stay tuned for more ways to help you become the mightiest Javelin pilot in the world! 


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