Magic: The Gathering 2019 Competitive Season Details Announced

TJ Denzer,

February 22, 2019 12:52 PM

Following up on a major announcement at The Game Awards, Wizards of the Coast have outlined their competitive year between physical Magic: The Gathering and Arena.

In 2019, Wizards of the Coast and Magic: The Gathering esports are getting ready for huge things. It was at The Game Awards 2018 that Wizards of the Coast announced a $10,000,000 initiative for Magic: The Gathering Esports for 2019 and now we have an idea of what it looks like. Tabletop and MtG: Arena players alike are going to have their shot at money and prizes with the announcement of seven Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championships!

Announced on February 20, 2019 on the Magic: The Gathering website and Twitter, Wizards of the Coast are set to host 7 new Mythic Championships for tabletop Magic: The Gathering and MTG Arena throughout the year, the first of which is taking place immediately on February 22 through February 24. All tournaments will culminate in a final Magic World Championship taking place in December 2019. For a better understanding of the Mythic Tournaments, check out the video below, released on the Magic: The Gathering YouTube channel.

Each of the seven Mythic Tournaments will feature at least $500,000 prize pools and a chance to qualify for the World Championship tournament which will feature a $1,000,000 pool. Qualifying to participate in Mythic Tournaments can be done in a variety of ways, including doing well in Mythic Championship Qualifiers hosted by WPN member stores, at a MagicFest event, or by qualifying through event on MTG Arena and MTG Online. These events also award Mythic points. At the end of the season, 16 slots will be available in the Magic World Championship, available for:

  • The 2018 Magic World Champion (Javier Dominguez)
  • The winners of each of the seven 2019 Mythic Championships (four tabletop and three MTG Arena)
  • The Top 4 Magic Pro League players with the most Mythic Points
  • The Top 4 Challengers with the most Mythic Points
The above outlines the locations, prize pool, and further details of the seven Mythic Tournaments. [Image by Wizards of the Coast]
The above outlines the locations, prize pool, and further details of the seven Mythic Tournaments. [Image by Wizards of the Coast]

The details on these slots and further information can also be found on the official announcement from the Magic: The Gathering website.

With so many opportunities and so much money on the line in 2019, it would seem to be a better time than ever to be a Magic: The Gathering player, whether you focus on tabletop or Arena. May the best players win.

Want to watch the action? Be sure to check out each tournament and match on the Magic Twitch channel.


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