Anthem Javelin Customization Guide; How to Change Color and Appearance

Jeff Kotuby,

February 25, 2019 1:14 PM

Looking good is a necessity in any game you play but is especially important in a game like Anthem, where you have this awesome Javelin suit to customize to your liking. Here's how to change your Javelin's appearance and smash your enemies in style.

There are plenty of customization options within Anthem, from the color and aesthetic of your Javelin, to how it enters the battlefield and fires its main weapon. Javelins are flexible pieces of machinery and can be formatted to fit each player’s specifications. With so many customization options available, it might be easy to get overwhelmed. But hey, no worries, we’ve got your back - here’s all the basic details to help you customize your Javelin to your liking!

Enter the Forge

The Forge is where you’ll head to make any and every change to your Javelin. Here, you can craft and install gear and upgrades, as well as change your Javelin’s physical appearance and animations.

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Right when you enter the Forge, you’ll be given an overview of your most recently used Javelin and the items on it. Most Javelins allow you to customize the basic components, like weapons and several key parts of the combat system. Some Javelins can have class-specific items edited, like the Blast and Focus Seals for the Storm, and the  Assault and Strike Systems for the Interceptor. You’ll have to tinker with the Javelins and the items they can equip to find the one that fits you best, but isn’t that all the fun?

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To make changes to your Javelin’s appearance, simply tab over from the Loadout area to Appearance. Here you can customize just about everything you can see on your Javelin, including:

  • Helmet
  • Torso
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Vinyls (Shaders that can be added to your Javelin to make it look even more different.)
  • Wear State (Changes the visible wear and tear of your unit, whether you want a clean Javelin or a battle-worn one.)
  • Animations (Emotes, arrival animations, victory poses.)
  • Paint
Image Courtesy: ShackNews

The Paint system is intuitive enough so that you can change each aspect of your Javelin’s color. You have a primary, secondary, and tertiary color available for both hard (exposed armor) and soft (under armor) armor. You can also change the material for each color, which will decide whether you want a metallic or matte finish to your color.

Now that you’ve upgraded your looks, it’s time to upgrade your weapons. Here’s how to get your hands on Weapon Parts and get the sickest armor and weapons you possibly can!


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