What Javelin Should I Pick? Anthem Class Guide

Jeff Kotuby,

February 25, 2019 1:49 PM

Gamers are again faced with that age old question - who should I pick? Anthem is no different, with a selection of four Javelins to choose from. Here's our guide, identifying which Javelin is best for you.

From fans of sports games, to fighting games, to pretty much every game where you have a choice, gamers have been trying to identify their favorite character for decades. Anthem, EA’s newest action RPG, gives you the choice between four different suits to choose from: Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor. Each has their own strengths, weaknesses, and playstyles, and it’s up to each individual player which they choose. Here’s a little bit on each Javelin, though it’s up to you which you end up going with.


Image Courtesy EA

The Ranger is your starting suit in Anthem and serves as a “jack-of-all-trades” suit - it’s not overwhelmingly great at anything, but it’s not the worst in one particular stat either. Great Rangers know when to utilize their abilities in order to vanquish their foes. If the other classes don’t appeal to you, stick with your Ranger! After all, there’s nothing wrong with vanilla ice cream.


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Fans of Destiny’s Warlock class and magici-users in general will enjoy the Storm suit for sure. This magic-using class is squishy, but can deal massive amounts of elemental damage with their abilities. They can also float for longer periods of time than their counterparts, which should offset the lack of defense. Plus, they probably have the coolest gear in the game. If the “glass cannon” appeals to you, you’ll love the Storm!


Another perfect example of the "glass cannon" is the Interceptor. Rather than staying back, though, the Interceptor likes to get in, do their damage, and get out. If you like the idea of being a cyber ninja, the Interceptor will be a perfect class for you. Utilizing what amount to be ninja tools (glaives, bombs, sprays) to destroy your enemies makes for a unique experience not seen in many other action RPGs (you usually see classes like this in hack-and-slash games!)


Image Courtesy EA

For fans of big, hulking behemoths, Anthem offers you the Colossus suit. The Colossus has a shield - but not the one you might think. You’re wielding an actual, big-ass shield on the battlefield. You don’t have a rechargeable energy shield, but you do have a larger health pool to compensate. The Colossus is all about close quarters combat, so if that’s appealing to you, climb into the Juggernaut-esque suit and do some damage!

The best way to really get a handle on which class you’d enjoy is to play them! Try each suit out and see which one fits you best. Now that you know what class you want to play as, it’s time to make yourself look good. Check out how to customize your Javelin and really make it your own!


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