Apex Legends Peacekeeper Glitch is Way Too Powerful

Nicholas Barth,

February 26, 2019 1:17 PM

A glitch has hit the Apex Legends Peacekeeper that allows players to shoot the shotgun much faster than it is intended to be shot.

The battle royale game of Apex Legends has quickly become one of the most popular titles in the world of video games since its February 4th reveal and release. While Apex Legends did not go through an early access period like the other giants in the battle royale genre and has been praised as a very polished title, there have been a few bugs and glitches that players have discovered. One of these bugs is the Peacekeeper glitch that allows players to shoot the Peacekeeper shotgun at a much faster fire rate that developer Respawn Entertainment designed for the weapon. 

Apex Legends Peacekeeper Glitch
Gibraltar using the Peacekeeper shotgun. (Source: Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends Peacekeeper Glitch

Normally, the Peacekeeper shotgun has a magazine capacity of six shells that are fired one at a time with players having to initiate the lever action before firing off another shot. However, the community has discovered the Apex Legends glitch for the strong lever action shotgun that utilizes the canceling of the shotgun's lever action animation in order to fire the weapon twice as fast. 

This Apex Legends glitch occurs when a player fires a shot from the weapon, activates the reload animation, switches to your secondary weapon, and then finally switching back to the shotgun to fire it once again at a much faster rate. When performed correctly, the Apex Legends Peacekeeper glitch allows players to deliver all six shells from the shotgun in an extremely quick manner making the powerful shotgun even more deadly. 

You can see the Apex Legends Peacekeeper glitch in action below thanks to YouTuber Cupp of Clutch

With the Peacekeeper shotgun being one of strongest weapons in the battle royale game, this increased fire rate glitch has been a major point in discussion in the community with many calling for Respawn Entertainment to fix it quickly.

(cover photo courtesy of Attack of the Fanboy)


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