Where is Xur? Destiny 2 Location and Inventory for March 8

Jeff Kotuby,

March 8, 2019 9:25 AM

This is not a drill! Xur is selling Forsaken Exotics! Unless you're a Warlock, then unfortunately he's not.

After months upon months of suffering, Xur is FINALLY selling Forsaken Exotics....unless you're a Warlock. For the uninitiated, Xur is the seller of exotic items and other pieces of loot that players have the ability to purchase. However, the location of Xur in Destiny 2 is not made known clearly to players and forces them to find the location of Xur in Destiny 2. If you are asking yourself where is Xur today, do not worry, as we have his location and inventory covered for you for the weekend of March 8-11. 

Xur Destiny 2 Location and Inventory Today

Players will be able to find the mysterious Agent of the Nine in the Tower behind the Dead Orbit vendor.

In line with previous weeks, players will have the option to purchase one exotic weapon, three pieces of gear with one belonging to each class of guardian and other consumable items. Each piece of gear costs Guardians 23 legendary shards to purchase, while the weapon will require 29 legendary shards for players to add it to their inventories. 

  • Exotic Weapon - Trinity Ghoul, Bow (Forsaken)
  • Exotic Hunter Gear - Oathkeeper, Gauntlets (Forsaken)
  • Exotic Titan Gear - Ursa Furiousa, Gauntlets (Forsaken)
  • Exotic Warlock Gear - Ophidian Aspect, Gauntlets


Image Courtesy Light.gg

We recommend grabbing the Trinity Ghoul as it is a Forsaken Exotic that many players might not have. The bow itself is pretty good, as its Exotic perk gives it the ability to fire an arrow that splits when released. Aiming down sights and fully drawing the bow both decrease the spread. This is combined with its other perk, Lightning Rod, which gives precision kills the ability to grant the next shot chain-lightning capabilities. Ursa Furiosa is also an outstanding set of gloves for Sentinel Titans, as it allows them to move faster while their Super is active and any guarded damage is converted to Super energy when the Super ends. If you're a Hunter, it's probably worth grabbing the Oathkeeper as well. While the Ophidian Aspect isn't new, it's still a helpful, general Warlock Exotic if you have nothing better. It's not like Xur brought you Aeon Cult, after all. 

Are you excited to see Xur sell Forsaken Exotics? Any particular Exotic you want to see him sell? (We're looking at you, One-Eyed Mask.) Join the Twin Galaxies community today and let us know! Once you get your shiny new Exotic armor, why not take it into the Crucible and try to get your hands on this season's Pinnacle weapon, The Recluse? Here's how to get Destiny 2's newest SMG!


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