Red Bull teams with G2 Esports for Racing Esports Team

Wyatt Fossett,

March 16, 2019 11:25 PM

In a press announcement shared by both parties on Thursday, Red Bull Racing and G2 Esports reveal new partnership and announce Red Bull Racing Esports Team with a full roster and plans for domination.

On Thursday, right before playing in the LEC's 'Game of the Century', G2 Esports announced a brand new partnership with Red Bull, revealing their newly-formed Red Bull Racing Esports Team. This epic meeting of minds sees 10 names immediately added to the roster, who will compete across a number of titles in the racing simulation genre of Esports.

The samurai logo of G2 Esports has been a very passionate staple in the world of competitive gaming since rebranding and qualifying for the European League of Legends season, back in 2016. They have done nothing shy of competing against the best teams across many different titles, and now their roster will grow into Racing Esports.

While ex-pro, turned coach, turned team owner Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodríguez Santiago was the first person everyone was hoping to hear from (he has a long-standing history of colorfully passionate outbursts), it was G2 Esports’ Head of Gaming Operations, Danny Engels that took charge in the press announcement.

“We are extremely excited to have two of the strongest and most successful brands in their respective worlds join forces. Esports racing connects our virtual environment with the real-life sport in a peerless fashion,” said Engels.

Both major points in that statement are very accurate. The world of Racing Esports is one that is a bit slower to start up, though the dedicated fanbase has been following it for years. This has a lot to do with the overall player base of racing simulation video games. The competitive scene is indeed as close as Esports gets to simulating the “real” world of racing, as it still comes down to individual mechanics and skills. The gap between spectating a race where the participants use digital vehicles and those driving real ones is very small.

Two Big Brands

(G2 Esports celebrates after winning back-to-back Rainbow Six Seige Montreal titles)
(G2 Esports celebrates after winning back-to-back Rainbow Six Seige Montreal titles)

Engels also mentions that the two brands are some of the biggest in the industry, and nothing could be truer. In just a few short years, G2 Esports (formerly Gamers2) has launched very respectfully feared teams in League of Legends, Call of Duty, CS:GO, Smash Bros., PUBG, Hearthstone, Rainbow Six Siege, and more. They are everywhere. And when they show up, they are putting together some of the best teams to compete in their respective Esports.

Red Bull, on the other hand, has been firmly planted in Esports for a decade or more now and continues to make big moves to secure a stronger future for the genre of sport. The large proprietors in Extreme Sports have truly taken a liking to Esports, having recently sponsored the League of Legends European Championship, and has a history of talent sponsorship as well.

The new Red Bull Racing Esports Team will dress the following elite drivers: Robin Betka (Germany); Cem Bolukbasi (Turkey); Graham Carroll (UK); Nestor Garcia (Spain); Patrik Holzmann (Germany); Sebastian Job (UK); Aurélien Mallet (France); Frederik Rasmussen (Denmark), Joni Törmälä (Finland) and Zach Taylor (USA).

“The line-up of drivers representing the Red Bull Racing Esports Team is the most successful group in the entire sim racing space and will fight for World Championships across multiple games and platforms. I’m confident that this will be our year!” added Engels, with a very on-brand G2 confidence.

(G2 Laige, and G2 bbb0x take part in 2018 ForzaRC Finals)
(G2 Laige, and G2 bbb0x take part in 2018 ForzaRC Finals)

This roster isn’t going to be wasting any time before hitting the tarmac, as there are plenty of tournaments on the horizon in titles like F1 Esports, and Forza Motorsports. Both parties seem very excited to get going right away. The partnership helps expand G2 into a realm that they had little to no stake in, and it gives Red Bull Racing a leg-up in the Esports realm.

“This opportunity provides us with the potential to engage with a wider and younger audience, whilst becoming competitive in a rapidly expanding and exciting new discipline,” said Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner.

It’s interesting that G2 concedes the team name over to Red Bull, who, up until this point, have always been happy having a title sponsorship. As a newer, yet already notable brand, G2 Esports most likely would have preferred the name to be theirs. Perhaps the decision has a whole lot to do with the previously established Red Bull Racing brand in both simulated racing world, and the real work racing industry.

Not much else was revealed in the publicity post shared by both parties, but we’re sure there will be a lot of stuff coming down the pipes in the comings weeks.

Are you excited to see what the Red Bull Racing Esports Team does in coming competitions?


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