Fortnite Blackheart Cup Twitch Broadcast Leaks Respawn Van

Nicholas Barth,

March 24, 2019 11:04 AM

The official Twitch broadcast for the Fortnite Blackheart Cup looks to have unintentionally shown off an early look at the previously leaked Respawn Van vehicle.

The Fortnite Battle Royale $100,000 Blackheart Cup solo tournament kicked off on Saturday, March 23rd with players who finished in the top 3% of the leaderboards for either of the in-game tournament Gauntlet test events battling for a place in the Fortnite Blackheart Cup Finals on Sunday, March 24th. While the action from official Twitch broadcast of the first round of the $100,000 Fortnite Blackheart Cup was drawing plenty of attention, one moment of the stream from Saturday has become one of the top trending Twitch clips in the past 24 hours thanks to it leaking the existence of the previously leaked Respawn Van item. 

Fortnite Respawn Van Leaked During Blackheart Cup Twitch Stream

While the casters for the first round of the Blackheart Cup were spectating and commentating over one of the matches, viewers of the stream from the official Twitch channel for the popular battle royale title quickly noticed that a Respawn Van was on the map.

Epic Games has not officially announced the addition of the second chance item to the title. However, the Respawn Van item had been previously leaked by data miners in the Fortnite community. The community has also been able to find the locations of where the Respawn Van is likely to be placed at when it is officially added into the battle royale game in the Fortnite replay mode. This is likely the reason for why the Respawn Van appeared on the map during Blackheart Cup Twitch stream even though it was not actually there for the players who were competing. 

Fortnite Respawn Van Blackheart Cup

With the respawn feature in the battle royale title of Apex Legends having received plenty of praise, and Epic Games stating in the past that it has been looking at adding this kind of mechanic into Fortnite, it is not surprising to see that the Fortnite van version that was leaked during the Blackheart Cup Twitch stream looks to be ready to make its debut on the title's live servers in the near future. 

(cover photo courtesy of GamesRadar)


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