Apple Announces 'Apple Arcade' Gaming Subscription Service

Wyatt Fossett,

March 25, 2019 10:30 AM

Coming in the Fall of 2019, Apple will be launching a premium gaming service across all of their devices that will allow gamers to access any and all paid games for a monthly fee.

During their Spring Apple Event, the tech giant behind the iPhone and much more, announced that they will be launching the Apple Arcade in the fall of 2019, in more than 150 countries and regions. While no pricing was announced at the event, the presenter did make mention that more information will be coming shortly.

Mobile gaming has been a huge boon for some developers since it began truly taking off a decade ago. These days, it's still very relevant. With new games like Call of Duty Mobile being announced, and the popularity of Fortnite and PUBG on mobile, there's no shortage of portable gaming wonder. Even we have a mobile app!

(image courtesy Apple)
(image courtesy Apple)

This will be the first digital games subscription service for mobile phones available the world over, and with all of the partnered and powerful developers working on iOS devices, it has a huge potential to be worth it.

The Games

100+ new and exclusive games. These titles will not be available on any other platform, in any other place. Without the need for premium game purchases, the Apple Arcade subscription allows players to pick up and play any game on the Arcade on any of their iOS devices. 

Major titles in the announcement trailer included Where Cards Fall by BuiltbySnowman, Overland by Finji, and HotLava by Klei Entertainment. 

Privacy Please

The service also boasts that there is no tracking what-so-ever on Apple’s side, and will not allow information tracking unless expressly given from the game’s side. It is also part of the Family Sharing network, which allows anyone in your family to have access to your Apple Arcade subscription. 

Instead of just being the provider of many awesome mobile gaming experiences, Apple made mention that they will “not just carry them, but working with developers to help bring some of these titles to life.” This refreshing development relationship -- while we don’t know the real details -- may see the birth of many games that would otherwise die to the hardships of financing or support. 

More news on the Apple Arcade to come as it develops. 


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