Borderlands Livestream Schedule & Where to Watch

TJ Denzer,

March 27, 2019 9:57 AM

We're just about to get a big announcement from Gearbox Software about the next Borderlands game at PAX East. With a livestream coming, here's where to watch the reveal.

On March, 12, 2019, Gearbox Software cheekily teased a new Borderlands project to be revealed at PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts. With PAX East finally upon us, we now have further details. Gearbox released a new Borderlands “Mask of Mayhem” teaser video which included info on a livestream coming fast with further details. You can see the livestream below!

Watch live video from GearboxOfficial on

The “Mask of Mayhem” teaser was released on the Gearbox Official YouTube and Twitter. It looks like a love letter to Borderlands history, featuring its iconic bandits, the original surviving hunters, Brick, Lilith, and Mordecai, and a bevy of other Borderlands faces and lore. Although it tells us little about what the next Borderlands game actually is yet, we won’t have to wait long to find out further details. The description, and a tweet posted with the trailer by Gearbox soon after, state that we’ll be getting a livestream on March 28, 2019 at 11AM PST / 2PM EST with the official reveal. The stream will take place at the Borderlands website. You can check out the tweet and the trailer below.

Ever since the first tease, fans have discussed what a new Borderlands is going to be like. With the current gaming climate, a Borderlands 3 battle royale seems incredibly likely, but it could just as well be a new co-op loot n’ shoot with all-new bells, whistles, and evolution that a beloved returning franchise in 2019 deserves. Whatever the case, Gearbox has kept a tight lid on the subject, teasing its fans just slightly leading up to PAX. It seems pretty clear people are ready to see what’s under the hood at Gearbox and take another journey back into Pandora for the mayhem that’s being promised.

Be sure to tune in at 11AM PST tomorrow with the reveal. We’ll have it here as well when it all goes live.


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