Borderlands 3 Revealed at PAX East

Wyatt Fossett,

March 28, 2019 12:30 PM

The third game in the Borderlands mainline franchise was finally revealed at the Penny Arcade Expo in Boston today after a tease earlier in the week, and a nightmare of a live press conference.

After surviving what could easily be classified as one of the hardest to watch press conferences in gaming history, Randy Pitchford of Gearbox pleaded to the PAX gods to show off their pride and joy without issue. Eventually, after the announcement was teased almost a month ago, the world finally got its look at the reveal trailer for Borderlands 3, and it's everything we wanted. 

(courtesy 2K Games)

The mainstage set-up at PAX East was streaming 4k videos so poorly that Gearbox had to pull the plug on their announcement of a Borderlands (the first one) Remaster. Instead, they asked some Gearbox developers onstage to give a verbal cliff notes version of the release. Just prior to that, both live and streaming audiences around the globe had to suffer through a 1990’s style stuttering trailer for a complete remaster of the Handsome Jack collection. Both remastered collections will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on April 3rd. 

But we were all watching for one thing in particular, and that was the reveal of Borderlands 3. After two attempts at playing the trailer, one that made it all the way through, and the other that was axed after a few seconds, Pitchford grew anxious. 

“We’ve been working on this game for 5 years, we need to show it to you how it was meant to be seen,” the CEO of Gearbox told the audience after multiple failed attempts to play the trailer without stuttering. Finally, we got it. And it's not a battle royale game. "Battle Royale games are fun, but that's not what we're making," said Pitchford at the top of the event. 

In typical Borderlands fashion, the reveal trailer was filled with tons of action, cheeky nods to their fans, and a pretty awesome music track. It’s easy to understand why Pitchford got upset at the hosts of the show, Gearbox knows how to make a trailer, and showing it to the audience in anything less than perfect fidelity is a disservice to the developers and the editors of these trailers.

The Trailer

Borderlands 3 introduces us to four new vault hunters, all with unique abilities, who will travel through many different environments. As far as we can tell, the world of Borderlands 3 will include swamplands, intense deserts, and high-tech cities. There will also be the wasteland-type environments and feel that fans know and love. 

Not much was revealed regarding the story of Borderlands 3, but the return of many familiar faces (aside from the dead ones) leads us to believe that the third game in the Borderlands franchise is being made purely for the love and gratitude of the players. The trailer reads like a giant epic "ode to the fans" and that's a great place to develop a product from. 


Two new bad-guys strut onto the screen near the beginning of the reveal trailer, and it looks as though they will hold Lilith (from Borderlands 1) hostage at some point. Also in the trailer are brief looks at more than a dozen returning characters from previous Borderlands games that have stretched across the past decade. We can assume that we (the player) will cross paths with these returning characters during the story. 

Borderlands 3 also boasts over a billion guns (including guns with legs), which is a staple of the franchise that has been exponentially multiplied with every new iteration of the series. It looks as if vehicles will also return to play a large role in the adventure and traversal of these much more varied environments. 


Future Wasteland

After fans have spent the last few days excruciatingly picking apart the teaser trailer, we got our look at the very sleek and modern Borderlands 3. 

As the industry grows -- there was even speculation at some point last year that Borderlands 3 wouldn’t be coming until the next generation of consoles -- it’s increasingly intriguing to see how Borderlands evolves with their cell-shaded, hand-drawn style of art. The details in the worlds and the characters looked absolutely stunning in the Borderlands 3 reveal trailer. Even the reworked characters we know and love look great. 


There’s no news on the release date as of yet, and there is still no guarantee that Borderlands 3 will be arriving in time for this generation of consoles. However, as it’s still very unlikely that development kits for the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Scarlett has been sent out or finalized, we can safely assume that Borderlands 3 will be coming to Xbox One, PC, and the PlayStation 4. 

More news on Borderlands 3 will come soon enough, and we can assure all of you vault hunters out there will find it here.


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