Borderlands Game of the Year Remaster Announced at PAX East

Wyatt Fossett,

March 28, 2019 2:50 PM

Rediscover the co-op looter shooter that started the beloved franchise a decade ago in this completely refreshed, and tweaked version of the original Borderlands.

Before Gearbox revealed Borderlands 3 to the world, they spent nearly an hour talking about other things. One of the best things (that we didn’t quite get to see) was the announcement of a completely remastered Borderlands Game of the Year Edition. 

In the unfortunate circumstances of the PAX East mainstage, fans that tuned in to the Gearbox showcase today didn’t get a chance to see the reveal trailer. After the fact, we’ve got our hands on the video (seen above), and it looks as promising as the team on-stage made it sound. 

Highlights of the Borderlands (remastered) Game of the Year Edition include things like having Shift Codes introduced to the original game for the first time, and unique head and body cosmetics for vault hunters. The GOTY edition will also include a mini-map on the HUD (which didn’t arrive in the franchise until the second game), and some of the quality-of-life tweaks made to UI and auto pick-up of ammunition, money, and health items. 

(courtesy 2K Games)
(courtesy 2K Games)

The Game of the Year will come out on April 3rd, and will arrive on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on Steam. 

Alongside the base Borderlands experience, the Game of the Year remaster will include every bit of downloadable content that was made and released for the first Borderlands game. To make things sweeter, Gearbox announced that anyone with a copy of the originally released Borderlands on PC will get the newer version on April 3rd absolutely free. 

Handsome in HD

(courtesy 2k Games)
(courtesy 2k Games)

Also announced on the PAX East mainstage, was the Ultra HD Texture Packs for the Handsome Collection, the Borderlands Pre-sequel, and Borderlands 2. 

This update will drastically improve the graphical fidelity of all three collections and the games within them. It arrives alongside the Borderlands GOTY remaster on April 3rd, and will be a free update to all owners of the three products. 

VR and More

Gearbox also revealed that it will be adding PlayStation AIM Controller support to Borderlands 2 VR, as well as their plans to bring all of the Borderlands 2 DLC into VR in the coming year. More information will be revealed later this year. 

With the disastrous announcement, but ultimately epic payoff, Gearbox has had a pretty stellar day despite all of the trouble. A completely remade Borderlands experience refreshed Borderland 2, and more updates to VR are some amazing gifts to the Borderlands faithful as they wait for the upcoming Borderlands 3 launch.   


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