How Many Guns are in Borderlands 3? At Least a Billion

Nicholas Barth,

March 29, 2019 10:14 AM

Are curious about how many guns there are in Borderlands 3? Well, there will be at least a billion that includes a walking gun with legs. No, we are not kidding.

Thursday, March 28th was a truly exciting day for fans of the Borderlands franchise, as Gearbox Software officially announced and revealed the next entry in the legendary looter-shooter franchise in Borderlands 3. The reveal showed off an action-packed trailer that showcased some of the things that fans will be able to experience in the world of Borderlands 3. However, one statement made in the announcement trailer for Borderlands 3 has caught the eye of many players with its extraordinaire claim that the upcoming title will have over a billion guns in it. 

How Many Guns are in Borderlands 3? A Billion? 

Beginning at the 2:52 minute mark of the reveal trailer, a whole torrential downpour of guns begins to fall to the ground with the text of over one billion guns appearing. With the video game series from Gearbox often considered the king of the looter-shooter genre, fans of the franchise were beyond excited to see that the developers of entry 3 are promising that players will have over one billion guns for them to use in their adventures. 

How Many Guns are in Borderlands 3 Billion

While the likelihood of there being over one billion completely unique guns being very small, there will certainly be a very wide variety of different guns for players to fight their enemies within the promised billion. This was evident by the small teaser provided in the reveal trailer of a very unique and interesting weapon that will be in Borderlands 3 among the billion that is literally a walking gun with legs. 

Borderlands 3 Walking Gun With Legs

The popular looter-shooter franchise is no stranger to having odd pieces of equipment that players can use in battle and this was no different in the announcement trailer for Borderlands 3 where a walking gun with legs was highlighted as one of the billion weapons. As expected, the walking gun with legs quickly became a fan favorite and has already spawned plenty of hilarious memes that have made their way across social media. 

Borderlands 3 Walking Gun with Legs

With the promise of over one billions guns in Borderlands 3 that includes a walking gun with legs, fans of the franchise are sure to be in a for a treat when they begin to discover all of the other unique weapons that they will have at their fingertips when the highly anticipated title releases. 


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