Mythic Invitational Prize Pool, Brackets, Standings, Stream

Nicholas Barth,

March 29, 2019 12:28 PM

The Mythic Invitational for Magic: The Gathering (MTG) is taking place at PAX East, and we have the prize pool, brackets, standings, and Twitch live stream gathered in one spot for you!

The popular PAX East convention 2019 is currently playing host to the largest Magic: The Gathering (MTG) esports event ever in the Mythic Invitational that will see a very lucrative prize pool be competed for by an array of talented MTG players. If you are curious about catching any of the exciting action from the MTG Mythic Invitational at Pax East and learning more about how the event and how the event has unfolded so far, be sure to check out the MTG Mythic Invitational prize pool, brackets, standings and Twitch live stream below. 

MTG Mythic Invitational Prize Pool

There is a great deal of money on the line for all of the competing players at the PAX East tournament, as a total prize pool of $1,000,000 will be up for grabs throughout the entirety of the event. With a grand prize of $250,000, the MTG Mythic Invitational competitors will be doing their best to advance through the bracket and secure the top spot in the final standings. 

MTG Mythic Invitational Brackets and Standings

64 players were selected to compete in the highly anticipated tournament three group double elimination brackets split into an upper and lower half. Group A and B saw the action from their standings brackets take place on Thursday, March 28th with Groups C and D seeing their standings brackets take place on Friday, March 29th. The top 16 players from the group standings brackets will move on to compete on Saturday, March 30th with Sunday, March 31st playing host to the top four players in the standings. 

You can find all of the brackets for PAX East event below. We will update this article with the latest set of standings brackets when they are first made available. 

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

MTG Mythic Invitational Twitch Live Stream

Viewers will be able to watch all of the adrenaline pumping esports action from the MTG Mythic Invitational on the game's official Twitch channel. An embedded version of the Twitch Live stream for the tournament can be found below. 

With the best Magic: The Gathering players in the world competing against one another for the lion's share of the $1,000,000 prize pool and the title of Mythic Invitational champion, fans can expect to see plenty of action to unfold throughout the brackets in order to determine the top player in the final standings. 


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