Best Buy Mistakenly Leaks New Look At Super Smash Bros Ultimate's Joker

Jason Fanelli,

March 31, 2019 3:10 PM

With one small section of its weekly ad, Best Buy has given Super Smash Bros Ultimate fans a brief glimpse at the next fighter to enter the ring.

It looks like Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the latest game to suffer the wrath of the dreaded Retailer Leak malady, as Best Buy may have inadvertently revealed official artwork of the first Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character before Nintendo had the chance to do it themselves.

Best Buy may have jumped the gun with this ad.
Best Buy may have jumped the gun with this ad.

The weekly Best Buy Ad for March 31-April 6 dropped as usual, but the gaming section featured that interesting image you see above advertising Smash Bros Ultimate’s Fighters Pass. That Joker from Persona 5 is featured is no surprise, we’ve known he was the first downloadable fighter coming to SSBU since December, but this is the first we’re getting a look at his actual render (and by extension his amiibo pose).

We’ve not seen much of the Persona 5 protagonist in Smash Bros. In fact Nintendo has only officially referenced it twice in four months: the initial reveal at The Game Awards 2018, and a brief mention in the latest Nintendo Direct with a look at Joker’s back. That’s not a whole lot to go off of, so the fact that this render has leaked is a good sign.

A good sign of what, exactly? Well, if Best Buy has the render in hand that means two things: one, development is definitely running on time to meet the targeted April release window; and two, we may be seeing more of the Phantom Thief as soon as this week. We don’t think it would be a stretch to guess this part of the ad was to be timed to a pending announcement, but we’ll have to see where we stand before week’s end.

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