TSM Kripp Comically Finds Banned Hearthstone Card During Stream

Nicholas Barth,

April 5, 2019 2:44 PM

During a Twitch stream focusing on the Hearthstone Rise of Shadows expansion at Blizzard HQ, TSM Kripparrian hilariously found a recently banned card when playing Arena mode.

Octavian "Kripparrian" Morosan is a Hearthstone content creator for Team SoloMid and is known as one of the most popular players in the world for the Blizzard card game. While TSM Kripparrian is widely known for his talent and knowledge of Hearthstone, the content creator also routinely entertains his fans with plenty of comical moments, such as the time he had a conversation with Aquaman on his Twitch stream.

This was the case during a recent Twitch stream TSM Kripparrian was having at Blizzard Headquarters for the new Hearthstone Rise of Shadows expansion where he hilariously found a banned card in Arena mode that was not supposed to be there. 

While in the Hearthstone Arena mode showing off the Rise Shadows expansion, TSM Kripparrian was a tad confused when the banned Naturalize card appeared on his screen considering Blizzard had previously banned the card from being used in Standard and Arena mode. This discovery of the banned item led to a hilarious moment, as TSM Kripparrian called out to the Blizzard Employees to inform them of his discovery. 

After not receiving a reply from the Blizzard developers, TSM Kripparrian decided that he would not tell them of the appearance of the banned Naturalize card and proceeded to add it to his Arena deck that soon had his Twitch viewers laughing up a storm at the unexpected situation that had arisen in the Twitch stream of the popular Hearthstone player. The setting of Blizzard HQ added even more hilarity to the very ironic situation that the Twitch streamer had found himself in. 

However, with the discovery of the banned Hearthstone card taking place at Blizzard HQ, the developers likely found out about the banned Naturalize card being where it was not supposed to be eventually thanks to a hilarious moment from the one and only TSM Kripparrian

(cover photo courtesy of TSM Kripparrian via Twitter)


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