Overwatch League Players Donate to South Korean Fire Relief Fund

Matt Buchholtz,

April 6, 2019 5:12 PM

Players around the Overwatch League are mobilizing to donate and help relief efforts around one of Korea's most devastating fires.

Several Overwatch League players have made sizable donations to contribute to relief efforts around the devastating fires in South Korea’s Gangwon Province.

No matter what role they play in Blizzard's hero-shooter, Overwatch League players are queuing up as support for firefighters and Korean military forces deployed to tackle a massive fire sweeping the eastern coast of South Korea. Donating roughly $900 USD, Guangzhou Charge Captain—and incredible Lucio player—Jungyeon “Chara” Kim sent a positive message to residents affected by the fire.

It is a small amount, but I hope that it will be a little power for the residents who suffered from forest fires,” he said on Twitter. “I want you to be able to keep your body and mind happy.”

Another Lucio, Jin-Mo “Tobi” Yang from the Seoul Dynasty also donated to the cause, recalling time spent in the area during their time in the Korean military. As translated by community member Gatamchun, Tobi posted their donation to Instagram, saying “I have a lot of memories there. Hope this helps, however small.”

(Photo Credit: Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment)
(Photo Credit: Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment)

Additionally, New York Excelsior’s Hae-seong "Libero" Kim joined in on the charitable movement, donating roughly $450 USD to support relief efforts, posting a brief and positive message to their Twitter account, “I hope it helps a little.”

According to the Associated Press, over 3,500 people have been evacuated since the fire began on Thursday night. Officials suspect the blaze was started by a spark from an electrical transformer. Propelled south, down the coast by dangerously strong winds, it is being called one of the worst in Korea’s recent history and has destroyed over 525 hectares. 

While small fires may still burn, it appears that an end to the inferno may be in sight. As of the time of this article, it appears the main fire is now nearly contained thanks to the help of nearly 30,000 rescue workers and troops. 

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