Overwatch's New Hero Baptiste Analyzed by Philly Fusion's Eqo

Matt Buchholtz,

April 7, 2019 5:58 PM

Philadelphia Fusion's Josue "Eqo" Corona gives his impression on the Ex-Talon support hero Baptiste

Whenever a new hero enters the Overwatch competitive gaming scene, there is bound to be a growing curve. It’s a process to search out the intricate cross-play between other heroes. However, being one of the first teams to discover the optimal use of a hero is a sure-fire way to rocket to the top of the leaderboard. We saw this with the Reaper/Ana pairing in the Beyblade days, and with Meta Athena’s usage of Sombra on Point B of Anubis. The opportunities for new hero Baptiste are also present and everyone is on the lookout for that perfect synergy.

To help us figure out what may lay ahead for Overwatch’s 30th hero, we sat down with one of the most analytical minds in the Overwatch League: Philadelphia Fusion’s Josue "Eqo" Corona.

I don’t think there’s much to it since we’re all professionals,” said Eqo when asked about any pressure on being the first to play the new hero on the Blizzard Arena’s Main Stage. “At this point in our lives, it’s just normal that you’re expected to play something like [a new hero]. A new hero comes out, you’re expected to play it if it’s meta. It’s like that for all players in OWL. I don’t think that anyone thinks, ‘I’m the first one playing this.’”

(Photo Credit: Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment)
(Photo Credit: Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment)

When I start on a new character, I analyze in my head all the situations that can happen,” said Eqo.  “I’m very good with numbers—healing numbers, damage numbers, cooldown numbers—I add all those things and I just see in what situations they would be viable, and what situations they would be difficult. That gives me the approach of how I should play the character from my past experiences.”

While some may find Baptiste’s half-hit scan / half-healing kit hard to wrap their heads around, it seemed to pose no challenge to Eqo.

“Getting used to Baptiste wasn’t that hard,” he said, before quickly adding, “I do feel, obviously, I can improve on him; he just came out. But overall I feel my macro play and what I think I should do is consistent right now.”

(Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment)
(Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment)


As for Baptiste’s biggest weakness, the Philly player believed that Baptiste was weak against specific situations, like when dealing with significant burst damage or aggressive teams. “You have your Immortality Field, but once you go against spam comps, it doesn’t really matter if you survive for five more seconds,” he said. “I think that’s a big weakness.”

“He’s very good at brawl fights,” said Eqo when identifying positive aspects of Baptiste’s kit. “Forcing fights on point, and then using the Immortality Field to buy as much time; I feel that’s one of his biggest strengths, especially against DPS compositions. He’s way more viable than [Brigitte].”

“I think an issue last stage was that DPS comps could, theoretically, beat tank compositions because Brig doesn’t have the tools to deal with that many people,” he continued. “But Baptiste actually helps with that. On First Point defense I believe that Baptiste helps against DPS comps, so he made tank compositions stronger.”

If you’re still finding yourself Baptiste challenged (even after Eqo’s sage-like advice), perhaps our guide to Baptiste can help you out! Or if you've found yourself wronged by the ex-Talon medic, we might know a way to put a stop to him with Mei as well.

(Feature Photo Credit: Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment)


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