NBA 2K League Suspends and Fines Players for Post-Match Fight

Nicholas Barth,

April 12, 2019 12:26 PM

The NBA 2K League has announced the punishment for three players that were involved in a fight that occurred after a match between the Celtics Crossover Gaming and Hawks Talon GC.

The first week of Season 2 for the NBA 2K League got off to a rocky start when a fight broke out following a match between Celtics Crossover Gaming and Hawks Talon GC. After the Hawks Talon GC had defeated Celtics Crossover Gaming 68-58, Celtics point guard Thomas "oFab" Thomallari appeared to have refused a handshake from Hawks Randolph "Rando" Moreno and then proceeded to push Rando. This action resulted in a heated altercation between the two NBA 2K League teams where both rosters had to be separated and the broadcast cut to commercial break.

Due to this incident, the NBA 2K League announced disciplinary action towards three players for their involvement in the post-match brawl. This disciplinary action included a total of $1,000 worth in fines and multiple one-game suspensions for players from both teams.

According to a press release published by the NBA 2K League on Friday, April 12th that was posted to the league's official Twitter account, oFAB has been suspended for one game and fined $500. Hawks Talon GC forward Connor "Dat Boy Shotz" Rodriguez has also been suspended for one game for his role in the incident. Celtics Crossover Gaming small forward Ahmed "Mel East" Kasana was the final player to face disciplinary action for his involvement with the NBA 2K League handing him a fine of $500. 

NBA 2K League Fight
(Source: NBA 2K League)

Neither oFab, Mel East, or Rando have commented publicly on their role in the post-match fight. Dat Boy Shotz took to his Twitter account following the league's announcement and apologized for his involvement in the incident. 

While it was likely not the way that the NBA 2K League had hoped to draw extra eyes to its matches, the fight between Celtics Crossover gaming and Hawks Talon GC did indeed bring plenty of attention to the NBA's esports creation. 


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