Super Smash Bros Ultimate Joker Bug Crashing Game

TJ Denzer,

April 18, 2019 10:18 PM

Persona 5's Joker has launched in Smash Bros Ultimate , but players are reporting a new bug in which Joker could crash your game. Here's how to avoid it.

Have you downloaded and played Joker yet? The character dropped on April 18 as a part of Super Smash Bros Ultimate Patch 3.0. Though fun to play and bringing plenty of Persona 5 music and references to Smash Bros, Joker apparently also brought some problems. The character is reportedly crashing the game under a certain circumstance. Here’s the details of the crash and how to avoid the issue for now.

Persona 5’s Joker launched as a guest DLC character on Super Smash Bros Ultimate on April 18, 2019. Though Nintendo servers crashed for a certain window of time last night, they’re up and running today. Unfortunately, players exploring the new content with Joker soon discovered another issue. It would seem that when using Joker’s Final Smash move, which triggers the iconic All-Out Attack animation from Persona 5, can cause the game to lock in Classic Mode. Twin Galaxies Editorial also tested and confirmed this soft lock status. You can see a full example of the bug below as demonstrated by Twitter user @SmashMarioPro.

It would appear that the bug is entirely confined to Classic Mode for now. Players playing Joker in Smash Bros Ultimate Online matches and World of Light have not experienced the same issues. For now, it’s simply advisable that players do not attempt to use Joker’s Final Smash move to finish a match in his Classic Mode route. All other modes of play with Joker appear to be safe at the time of this writing. Nintendo has not spoken to the situation just yet. It is unclear whether we’ll see a fix for this bug immediately. We will report on this story as a fix or news becomes available.

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