Super Smash Bros Ultimate Joker Guide

Jason Fanelli,

April 19, 2019 5:54 AM

Joker from Persona 5 has entered the ring in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and we have some top beginner tips to get you going with this new character.

The Phantom Thieves of Heart have descended into Super Smash Bros Ultimate, as Joker from Persona 5 has joined the playable fray while bringing his friends -- and Persona -- for support. The music is killer and the stage’s color changing qualities are great, but how does Joker himself do battle against the rest of the roster? Here’s a quick beginner’s guide to the Persona protagonist.

Joker’s Got A Gun

A big part of Joker’s offense is the most basic: his neutral special attack Gun (B). It’s a quick fire attack that doesn’t stun, but does decent enough damage to be effective in the mid game. Plus, mashing the button gets more shots fired, so Joker can chip at his opponent from a distance.

Bringing this move to the air is where things get interesting, as Joker shoots multiple times in multiple directions during the attack. The straight down shots and the full-circle shots are most effective, particularly in matches with more than one opponent, so keep the Gun in mind in the heat of battle. 

Full Tilt

It’s a common rule in Super Smash Bros that a player should never forget his or her character’s “tilt” attacks, the unique attacks performed by tiling the stick in a direction instead of a quick thrust for a Smash attack. The ability to mix up normals and Smash attacks with these tilts is paramount, but Joker’s tilts take that to the extreme.

Joker’s tilts are, in a word, fantastic. His forward tilt is a quick double stab, and his up tilt flings his dagger above his head (and through platforms) for multiple hits. His bottom tilt, a sliding tackle, attacks while creating or closing distances between opponents, making it the best tilt in the bunch. 

Not So Fast Surprise

With a nickname like “Phantom Thief of Hearts” we expected Joker to be a quick mover, zipping around the stage and attacking at will. He’s a thief after all, speed and agility are essential to the job. We didn’t expect him to beat Sonic in a footrace, but we expected above-average mobility from Joker.

Imagine our surprise when, after getting familiar with him, that quicknes is not nearly as quick as we expected. His air mobility is decent, covering a good amount of ground when jumping, but on foot he’s just not as fleet-footed as we’d thought he’d be. He’s no King Dedede or Bowser, of course, but those expecting someone on par with Marth or Fox will be disappointed.

The Persona Arsene serves as Joker's partner in battle.
The Persona Arsene serves as Joker's partner in battle.

Rebel (Guard) Yell

Joker’s Rebel Guard is essential to his defensive approach, decreasing damage intake while inching him ever closer to summoning his Persona. As cool and useful as this attack is, Rebel Guard holds two important caveats that players will need to know before a match.

First, the guard does not stop all damage a la the normal shield, it merely halves it. Don’t get too cocky using the Rebel Guard against an aggressive opponent, or you’ll end up with a ton of damage. Second, the Guard ends slightly quicker than other counter-based moves, we noticed that timing is a little more slippery with Joker’s Rebel Guard, so be sure to be on your guard when using it. 

Joker and Hyde

Playing as Joker essentially requires two different approaches, each one dependent on Joker’s Persona friend. Joker stands out in that he has two separate states, and the characters switches between them on his own.

When the Persona isn’t tailing Joker he can be more tactical, picking his spots more carefully and taking shots only when necessary. This is a mid-range Joker, poking with quick stabs and throwing the occasional Eiha or Grappling Hook. After the summoning Joker should be right up in everyone’s faces, using the power of the Persona’s enhanced attacks to wail on every opponent. Do not let a single minute of Joker’s ethereal beast’s power go to waste. 

For more on Super Smash Bros Ultimate check out the patch notes for the new Version 3.0 update that dropped alongside Joker, and for more fighting games here’s Mortal Kombat 11’s Shao Kahn reveal.


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