Why Riot Games Removed Bans from ARAM in League of Legends

Wyatt Fossett,

April 19, 2019 2:30 PM

Riot Games recently took banning out of ARAM in League of Legends. Are they ignoring player feedback? Here's why they took it out and why we think they should definitely put it back.

In the most recent League of Legends Patch (game version 9.8) Riot Games made some controversial decisions, but nothing more angering than the removal of bans from their in-game mode ARAM. With this amount of heated fan response, we have to ask why they would remove it, and why they might be lying about it?

ARAM is a very popular game mode in League of Legends. It’s been around since the summer of 2012. The acronym stands for All Random All Mid, which consists of players queuing up for a single lane pvp experience. Some players used this 5v5 team fights only mode to hone their full-team communication and synergy in fights. 

Why Did They Remove Bans?

It’s pretty simple, actually. It’s right there in the name. It supposed to be random. The act of banning champions literally removes the random aspect of ARAM which would just make it AM, and we all know how League of Legends players feel about the AM. 

So, why did they put bans into ARAM in the first place if it’s meant to be random? The initial reaction to ARAM bans was pretty positive considering most players that strayed away from the game mode because of unbalanced champions with no way of escaping them. 

Players Want it Back

There’s no denying that most modes in games like League of Legends should have a ban phase, and ARAM is no different. Even if it does mean dissolving the true meaning of the name. 

“I actually enjoyed aram for once without worrying about zilean or fiddlesticks," says the top comment on the patch notes page. "Yep, if they're removing bans from aram, they're removing ME from aram as well," reads another.

In a completely different sense, the banning in ARAM also helps players help themselves. By banning a specific champion that one does not want to play, they remove a potentially bad experience from the game. 

Another example of this is that ARAM fans who play the game mode hardcore have gone around the inability for Riot Games to attempt ARAM balance by creating entirely new accounts. These ARAM accounts will only own the champions that play well in a single lane team fighting situation. 

Is Riot Lying About Feedback?

Probably not. Many will notice that the patch notes specifically claim that they have removed bans from ARAM after “After much discussion and weighing your feedback” yet the comments and public reaction is grotesquely negative.

Firstly, it’s important to note that positive responses to aspects of media and games is almost never stated publicly. In contrast, folks with negative opinions tend to express them more openly, loudly, and more often than not without contemplation of wording or tone. 

Chances are, Riot is getting a lot of feedback from their client tool, and they are acting on the general consensus of their audience. Yes, the public feedback seems heavily negative, but that’s not the whole picture. 

What’s the Solution? 

It’s not like Riot Games is going to read this -- just in case they do, we love you, and you’re doing great sweetie -- but there seems to be a fairly simple solution to the problem at hand. 

The way it shakes out is that there doesn’t seem to be a big downside to having bans in the game mode, other than people getting their cheese champions banned away. So the easiest way to make everything feel level (outside of player skill) is to put bans back in and make ARAM a mode that has all champions unlocked for everyone. 

The bans give folks the chance to narrow their own random draft pool or prioritize enemy draft choices, while the complete access to the games champion pool makes it even footing for all those in the game mode. It will remove the need or ability to have ARAM accounts while keeping some player control over who makes it into each round. 

Do you play a lot of ARAM in League of Legends? What do you think about Riot Games removing the ban option from this game mode?


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