The Super Smash Bros Ultimate Stage Builder mode has been out for about a week now, and the community has come up with some stellar stage ideas. Here are ten of our favorites so far

Version 3.0 of Super Smash Bros Ultimate brought with it a ton of new and fun content. Joker from Persona 5, a new video editor, and more gave Smash fans plenty to sink their teeth into. However, what’s given the game new life is the Stage Builder mode, allowing players to build their own stages and share them with the community. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite stages from the first week of stage building - ten stages that we can see ourselves smashing around in for a long time to come.

Lord Jabu-Jabu (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, stage ID 9LDNMDY4)

Holy heck, this one blew us away. That gigantic fish from Ocarina of Time still gives nightmares, but Zora’s Fountain (where Jabu-Jabu resides in the game) makes for a fantastic Smash Bros stage. Reddit user nicesushi_tv, the creator of the stage, does offer one caveat in a comment on the Reddit post, saying “there's a bit of an issue if you start a match with 4 players, as one person will randomly be sacrificed to Jabu as they spawn in his mouth. Not sure how to work around it until we hopefully get an update that lets us adjust spawn points.” Let’s hope that comes in a future update, because this stage needs to be played by as many Zelda fans as possible.

Tick-Tock Clock brings back some great memories...of a frustrating stage.

Tick-Tock Clock (Super Mario 64, stage ID 9N26R9WD)

Another Nintendo 64 era remake brings us Tick Tock Clock, that infernal gear-themed stage from Super Mario 64. This is a very faithful recreation of the stage from Reddit user BombKirby, with spinning platforms and a giant pendulum in the center. That spinning cog on the right side is going to be a major point of contention in the heat of battle, which makes for a nice touch. Well done BombKirby, we look forward to checking this one out.

We're in awe of how spot-on this stage is. 

Meta-Knight’s Revenge (Kirby Super Star, stage ID HVWMPRRD)

If we didn’t know any better, we’d say this was ripped directly from the SNES classic Kirby Super Star. It’s a exquisitely faithful representation of the final showdown with Meta-Knight, right down to the windows showing the red sky in the background. If Stage Builder stages were ever going to be considered for competitive play,this one should be first in line.

Beat up Mario on his own laundry as it tumbles around the dryer, with real physics! ID: B6HLCL0L

Dryer (Stage ID B6HLCL0L)

Here we have a simple concept, two fighters duking it out in a running dryer filled with clothes, but more importantly we have a great glimpse into how the physics of Stage Builder stages can work. Those clothes are always moving through the circular dryer in real time, making the stage chaotic and fun. This is the kind of stage we would love to see more of in the future, wacky off-the-wall ideas that turn into a ton of fun.

Watch out for its teeth!

Sarlacc Pit (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, stage ID 437G96LQ)

The bane of Boba Fett, the Sarlacc Pit is a iconic piece of Star Wars lore now converted into a Smash Bros stage. Reddit user Jens_vd_Eijk really captured the essence of the Sarlacc here, even if according to the post’s title the creator “couldn't add any details unfortunately because of the build limit.” Quick, someone make a Boba Fett Mii Gunner and let’s fulfill destiny!

Satoru Iwata (Stage ID JPHBBWG2)

We just miss him, alright? The man was an absolute legend, and any way we can relive his greatness works for us. Thank you Iwata, always.

Home-Run Contest (Super Smash Bros, stage ID 1RN0G534)

It’s about dang time we are able to fight on the fabled Home-Run Contest field. We’ve only been looking at it since Melee, so being able to finally fight on it is a welcome treat. Good idea rito_nikoniko on Twitter, we like where your head is.

Steamed Hams (The Simpsons, stage ID unknown)

The best meme to come from The Simpsons is one of the best scenes from one of its all-time great episodes, and now it’s a Super Smash Bros Ultimate. God bless you Internet, never change.

Praise The Sun! (Dark Souls, stage ID BCYXM23S)

We don’t know if Solaire of Astora is going to make his way into Smash Bros as a DLC character, but thanks to the power of Stage Builder we can now fight on his shoulders and arms in all of his sun-praising glory. Maybe this will show Sakurai the kind of support Dark Souls has and get Solaire into the game at some point.

Space Jam? More like Smash Jam!

Smashketball (Stage ID 9HPJ81N6)

With all of the minigame that Smash Bros has given us over the years, it’s a wonder that Sakurai and company haven’t tried something like Smashketball before. It’s essentially the same idea as Hoops mode in ARMS, just with a Smash Bros twist. Pick an item and try to score as many points as possible while beating your pals to a pulp, and it’s super fun.

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