Drini 'Drini' Gjoka Wins 2019 Madden Bowl Championship

Wyatt Fossett,

April 27, 2019 7:24 PM

After a dissapointing performance in the Madden Challenge finals last month, Drini made a stand in competitive Madden today at the Madden Bowl Grand Finals.

Hot off the stunning excitement that was the 2019 NFL Entry Draft, and the reveal of Madden 20 cover athlete, the Madden Bowl Championship came to a head today.

(courtesy EA Sports)
(courtesy EA Sports)

The best Madden 19 players the world over gathered at the recently minted EA Sports Broadcast Center to battle it out for the Madden Bowl Championship. The winner gets to take home the glorious Madden Bowl Championship belt, and a $40,000 check. 

The Drini Genie

Just over a month after Drini “Drini” Gjoka fell in the Madden Challenge Championship match to Chritobin, the Drini came back out of the bottle and stomped his revenge on a super hot-streaking LiLMan in the semifinals to earn his spot in the big game. 

(courtesy EA Sports)
(courtesy EA Sports)

In the grandest way possible, the now two-time Madden Champion took his momentum into the Grand Finals where he barely gave his opponent a chance. Spoto didn’t see it coming. 

See Spoto Run

In even more dramatic fashion, the 18-year-old Micahel “Spoto” Spoto advanced to finals off the back of a revenge plot thicker than the Atlantic Ocean. After demolishing Skimbo in the semifinals, Spoto got his first shot in his young career, to win a Madden Championship. 

(courtesy EA Sports)
(courtesy EA Sports)

Unfortunately for the first-timer, the big stage got a whole lot of him, and Spoto just couldn’t undo the gigantic deficit worked up against him by Drini in the first half of the championship game. 

Bowl Champ

This is the second major Madden Championship for Drini, and a true statement when it comes to the idea that he was a one-shot champ. Drini took to Twitter to thank all those that supported him and gave a heart-wrenching shoutout to the two Madden Championship players that lost their lives in the Jacksonville shooting. “This is for Trueboy and Spotme,” wrote Drini, the 2019 Madden Bowl Champion.


The 2019 Madden Bowl also marks the last competitive tournament for the 2019 Edition of EA Sports’ Madden NFL title. 

The Madden Championship series will return after the launch of Madden 20, with Pat Mahomes on the cover, at the end of the summer.


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