MTG Star Yuuya Watanabe Disqualified from Mythic Championship II

Wyatt Fossett,

April 27, 2019 8:16 PM

In a statement made by the Magic: The Gathering Pro League, Watanabe apparently had multiple marked cards in his play deck during official matches.

During this weekend’s Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship II the broadcast was halted in order to make a public on-air statement regarding a judge ruling. World-renowned Magic player Yuuya Watanabe from Japan was disqualified from one of the largest Magic: The Gathering tournaments of the year. 

According to the official statement from the Magic: The Gathering team, judges ruled that Watanabe had marked cards in his deck during tournament play. 

"During a deck check in Round 15 at Mythic Championship II, the judge staff noticed an issue with Yuuya Watanabe's deck where the sleeves of his Urza's Power Plants were marked in a specific way. Three Urza's Mines and one Urza's Tower had a different marking, and three Urza's Towers and one Urza's Mine also had a different marking. No other cards in the deck nor sideboard had any of these marks. The judge staff determined that the odds of this happening by accident were close to nonexistent, and disqualified Watanabe from the event.

This infraction will be further investigated by the MPL, according to Wizards of the Coast representatives."

The player reached out to his fans on social media and apologized for his part, though he didn’t take direct responsibility in the marked cards. 

Watanabe has had a very successful run through competitive Magic: The Gathering with 5 Pro Tour top 8’s, and 28 Grand Prix top 8 placements (with 7 wins). With over $400,000 in total career earnings, Watanabe is considered one of the greatest Magic players in the history of the competitive league. In 2016, Watanabe was even voted into the Magic: The Gathering Hall of Fame. 

A governing body within the Magic Pro League will continue to investigate this incident and infraction according to the public statement. Until we get more word on whether or not Watanabe will be punished beyond this tournament disqualification, the tournament will continue and conclude tomorrow, April 28th.

The top 8 players that qualified for the final day of the Mythic Championship II are Thien Nguyen, Eli Loveman, Alexander Hayne, Brian Braun-Duin, Adrian Zhu, Chris Kvartek, Javier Dominguez, and Matthew Sperling.

More news from the Mythic Championship II to come. 


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