OpTic Gaming Wins Final Gears 4 Pro Circuit Major

Wyatt Fossett,

April 28, 2019 2:09 PM

Live from Boston, MA, the Gears Pro Circuit Season 2 came to a close in an epic Grand Finals between the historic OpTic Gaming and Ghost Gaming.

The last three days have seen a whole lot of top-tier Gears of War competitive, live from the Gears Pro Circuit Boston Open at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA. 

Every single player, on each of the league’s best teams, had one thing on their mind and that was to win the championship in the final event for Gears of War 4. With the new title from The Coalition right around the corner, the GPC Major in Boston would act as the farewell to the 4th game in the Gears of War franchise. 

Seeing Ghosts

Taking one of the longest routes to the Grand Finals, the Latin American roster of Ghost Gaming fought their way through the Loser Bracket to earn their shot at the undisputed best team in professional Gears of War, OpTic Gaming. 

In the Losers Bracket Finals, Ghost would have to face against a Team Reciprocity that was responsible for sending Ghost to the Losers path in the first place. Fortune favored the bold, and Ghost Gaming truly put on a show, dominating Reciprocity during almost every second of their Losers Final matchup. 

Whether or not they would have the ability to stand up to Gears gods, in the Green Wall, had yet to be seen. Either way, having LATAM representation in the biggest match of the year is a big deal. 

It Ain’t Easy Being Green

No one seems to be able to find OpTic Gaming’s number, and their pure dominance of Season 2 Gears Pro Circuit continued in Boston this weekend. After qualifying for the Winners Bracket, OpTic swept a very strong Rise Nation team, a near flawless Elevate squad, and then Team Reciprocity to punch a ticket to the big dance. 

It has yet to be seen, but we can comfortably assume that Gears 5 isn’t going to change the Pro Circuit all that much, which means that OpTic Gaming should be able to continue their stranglehold on the league. 

During the Grand Finals in Boston, things looked a little shaky in the first few seconds of Map 1, but the OG that everyone expected to show up arrived in time to stomp their way through Ghost to take Map 1 in their best-of-three for the championship. 

A Grand Goodbye

There’s no better end to this story than having the team that has ruled over the Gears Pro Circuit lead the farewell parade of Gears of War 4. OpTic Gaming showed up to bang out, and that’s exactly what they did throughout this weekend’s event, and even more so on Championship Sunday. 

This OpTic franchise has won 12 out of 14 Gears Pro League Major events throughout the lifespan of Gears 4 leading up to today’s Grand Finals. So it was fitting that they would be half of the headlining bout at the GPC Season 2 Grand Finals. 

A gigantic (and green) mountain stood between Ghost Gaming and another Gears of War championship. As the Losers Bracket winners, Ghost had to win two series in a row against OpTic who only had to win a single. Taking one match against OG is hard enough. It would be far too much for Ghost to withstand.

OpTic Gaming looked just as dominant as they ever have in the Grand Finals today, taking out Ghost gaming in a rematch of the Mexico City Losers Bracket Finals from earlier in the season. It only took two maps for OpTic Gaming to secure their final victory in Gears 4 Pro. 

Now, the 13-time Gears 4 Pro Circuit Champions will get to practicing their team synergy in anticipation of Gears 5, and the 3rd season of the Gears Pro Circuit.


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