Vancouver Titans Break Overwatch League Win-Streak Record

Wyatt Fossett,

May 4, 2019 11:29 AM

In their first year as part of the Overwatch League, the Vancouver Titans continue to cement themselves as the most defiant and dominant squad.

Yesterday, the freshly minted Overwatch League franchise from Vancouver, Canada, took to the stage against the also new Toronto Defiant in the first ever Battle for Canada, but more was at stake for the feisty and bold yeti’s from the Pacific Northwest.

With the win, the Vancouver Titans secured the bragging rights and pride of the great white north, but the victory also broke the Overwatch League record for consecutive wins. 

Including the Stage 1 Playoffs, the Vancouver Titans have won 16-straight games, which could easily become 17-straight on Saturday with their match-up against the Seoul Dynasty. 

(courtesy Robert Paul, Blizzard Ent.)
(courtesy Robert Paul, Blizzard Ent.)

If the Titans claim victory in their final game of Stage 2 regular season play, the expansion team will become the first ever Overwatch League squad to have back-to-back undefeated stages.

The whole thing is extremely impressive. For a new team to shift regions from Korean contenders last year, to the Overwatch League in North America, and seemingly without skipping a beat. The 2018 Korean Contenders Champions in the Runaways finished their year on a 6-game winning streak, which means that this Vancouver Titans squad has won 22 games in a row stretching back to their pre-OWL days.

(courtesy Robert Paul, Blizzard Ent.)
(courtesy Robert Paul, Blizzard Ent.)

This currently running victory streak was only being challenged by the powerful New York Excelsior, but thanks to NYXL losing their first game of the season against the Atlanta Reign a few weeks ago, the streak is uncontested. 

The previous winning streak record in the Overwatch League history was held by the Boston Uprising at 15-games from the latter part of the 2018 season. 

With sole ownership of the league record, the Vancouver Titans continue to grow and earn some respect in the Overwatch League as the league’s best team.

(courtesy Robert Paul, Blizzard Ent.)
(courtesy Robert Paul, Blizzard Ent.)

“The team [Titans] didn’t take the Defiant seriously,” said Titan’s main-tank Bumper in a post-game interview, before vowing that the Titans would take to the stage on Saturday with a renewed energy and focus in order to claim their second perfect stage in a row. 

A grand winning streak is a very strong record to hold, but many are not paying much attention to the fact that this is only Vancouver’s first year in the Overwatch League. This means that alongside their 16-game winning streak, the Titans have not lost a single game in their entire Overwatch League history. 

Will they continue to rack up wins on the Blizzard Stage? Are the Vancouver Titan’s the favorites to win the Stage 2 Playoffs? What do you think?


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