Did a Call of Duty Glitch Eliminate FaZe Clan From CWL London?

Wyatt Fossett,

May 4, 2019 6:30 PM

There has been plenty of controversy across the world of sports today, but one instance of design versus game bug has the Call of Duty faithful shaken.

This weekend’s tremendous Call of Duty World League event in London is quickly approaching its conclusion, and there have been many moments of excitement thus far. The tension built rapidly today as the elimination bracket started. In most dramatic fashion, fan-favorites FaZe Clan were eliminated from the tournament by Luminosity Gaming after a glitch.

(courtesy MLG)
(courtesy MLG)

During their matchup against Luminosity Gaming in the Losers Bracket, FaZe Clan was poised to move on after capturing the final point during a control game on Seaside. Instead of the victory, they were given the loss due to an odd glitch that is apparently known to developers. 

The cap meter seems to fill all the way, and the game even announces in the bottom left side of the display (screenshot below) that FaZe Clan’s ZooMaa officially captured the point. Unfortunately, mere seconds later Luminosity’s Slacked hits his Grav Slam move on the point and kills the remaining members of FaZe. This seals the win for Luminosity after the game accepts the luminosity team wipe before it accepts the FaZe Clan point cap.

*screencap from twitch.tv/callofduty*
*screencap from twitch.tv/callofduty*

After the map, the incident was viewed by official tournament judges who decided and informed the teams that the result determined by the game would stand. According to the FaZe Clan coach, neither team was shown an official replay during the competition. 

Instead of losing the match 3-1, Luminosity Gaming would turn the head-to-head back around and win 2-3. 

Of course, with the controversy comes the crowd of responses, of which the FaZe players were the loudest. Rightfully so, the players from the now-eliminated team were rather upset with the results. 

*some of these statements contain explicit language*

Even other Call of Duty players chimed in on social media to express shock and sympathy for the FaZe Clan after the unfortunate events. 

According to Call of Duty Black Ops 4 players, the team wipe after a cap will go in favor of the team slaying rather than capping every time. This takes the issue out of the realm of game glitch, and moves the conversation into why the CoD design team would make this decision, and will they change things now that the “problem” has seen such prime attention? 

Even the man involved in claiming the victory from Luminosity Gaming had to explain to FaZe’s Zero that it had happened to them earlier in the tournament. 

The Call of Duty World League London Major continues tomorrow, Sunday, May the 5th, and will not include the eliminated FaZe. 

What do you think? Is this design choice a good one? Or should Treyarch change up the game to make a cap stand as a cap regardless of living team members? 

Let us know in the comments.  


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