QuakeCon Will Be In London As Well As Dallas In The Year of DOOM

TJ Denzer,

May 7, 2019 10:38 AM

Bethesda and id Software fans across the Atlantic will have a chance to see QuakeCon in their backyard in 2019. QuakeCon will happen simultaneously in Dallas and London this year with DOOM Eternal front and center.

QuakeCon is a tradition in gaming. Dallas has hosted the ever growing landscape of LAN battles and esports competition for over a decade, allowing players to come together and gib eachother in Quake and other games for ages, in addition to allowing id (and now Bethesda) to show off some of their latest goodies. As we currently await DOOM Eternal, it looks like European fans won’t be left out of the party. A second QuakeCon has been announced in London and will take place at the same time as the one in Dallas.

The new QuakeCon was announced on May 7, 2019 via the QuakeCon website and Bethesda UK’s twitter. On July 26 and 27, 2019, QuakeCon will take over the Printworks in London to show off the latest from Bethesda and id, just as the traditional Dallas QuakeCon is going on and doing the same at the Gaylord Texas Resort & Convention Center July 25 - 28. For the London event, entry is limited to those 18 years of age and older. It’s free, but you can also register to receive updates when tickets will become available. July 26 is currently slated to be an “Exclusive Preview Day” while July 27 will be a “Public Access Day” according to the site.

With 2019 being dubbed “The Year of Doom” for QuakeCon, it is to be expected that we’ll learn plenty of new things about DOOM Eternal, the follow up to the intense 2016 rebirth of the classic Hell-trekking first-person shooter. Reportedly, a playable version will be on display at QuakeCon in London, marking the first playable build of the new game outside of North America.

Last year at QuakeCon, id Software and Bethesda teased a largely expanded PVP for DOOM Eternal, including a bigger multiplayer and a new invasion mechanic in the single-player game. At the time, id and Bethesda mentioned that they would want to dedicate some major time to talking about the multiplayer aspects of DOOM Eternal. It could very well be that the time is fast approaching with QuakeCon in July, although E3 2019 comes before and we could see some fresh goodies there as well.

Regardless, it’s awesome to see European fans have a taste of one of the most old-school competitive gaming events a little closer to home. If you’re a DOOM or Quake fan, or just want to see what new things Bethesda and id have up their sleeve, definitely mark this one on your calendar. Want to see what it's about? Check out our previous QuakeCon coverage!


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