Street Fighter League Hub: How to Watch, Results, Standings

Jeff Kotuby,

June 14, 2019 7:25 AM

Here's everything you know to know about the Street Fighter Pro League and how to get caught up with Week 10 action!

The Street Fighter League joins the Capcom Pro Tour as an esports circuit for Street Fighter V pros to showcase their skills and battle for supremacy. The League is already in week 10 and has been an absolute treat to watch so far. Here's a consolidated refresher of the league's rules: 

Below are your team rosters and their place in the event as of June 14, 2019.

Street Fighter League Season 1 Standings and Rosters

Standing Win/Loss Team Name Members
1 7-2 Inferno Punk/JB/BrolyLegs
2 6-3 Gale NuckleDu/Shine/RobTV 
3 6-3 Storm Idom/Samurai/Clasico
4 4-5 Frost

Nephew/Dual Kevin/UpToSnuff

5 3-6 Spirit Justin Wong/Brian F/Psycho
6 1-8 Psycho Toi/El Chakotay/Justakid

How to Watch Street Fighter League Season 1 Week 10

The adrenaline-fueled competition airs live on the official Capcom Fighters YouTube and Twitch channels every Thursday night at 4PST/7EST. You can watch by clicking the play video below. 

Street Fighter League Week 10 Results

Team Inferno defeated Team Psycho 3-0

Team Spirit defeated Team Frost  3-2

Team Gale defeated Team Storm 3-1

Street Fighter League Weeks 1-9  

Here are the full matches from Weeks 1-9, courtesy of the official Capcom Fighters YouTube channel, just so you can catch up!

How have you enjoyed the SFL action so far? Are you a fan? Or, do you prefer a more normal 1v1 system? Either way, you can't fault Capcom for giving the team-based format a shot, especially because of its popularity overseas. For more fighting game stuff, check out the Granblue Fantasy Versus exhibition between Daigo Umehara and Fuudo!


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