How to Get the Doom BFG 9000 in Rage 2

Wyatt Fossett,

May 13, 2019 5:08 PM

The developers behind Rage 2 all have a long storied past in gaming, and they've got a treat for all you Doom fans out there.

With the release of Rage 2 this week, Bethesda and id Software continue to develop their latest FPS-RPG hybrid. This time, with the added expertise of Avalanche Studios who brings a whole ton of vehicular combat and open-world to the table. 

To pay homage to days of old -- and recent days, thanks to the popular reboot -- id Software decided to give a nice little gift to Rage 2 players, by shooting a BFG 9000 from the Doom series from the heavens. However, getting it to drop isn’t clear, and we’ve figured out how to do it. 

How to Get the BFG 9000

In order to receive your gift from the development gods, you’ve got to do them a little favor in return. What they want, is for you to link your Bethesda account with your game. Given that there isn’t really a landing menu on the game, many players will not see how to attach your Bethesda account, because it’s not obvious. Luckily though, it’s pretty easy. 

All you have to do is open up your Start Menu from anywhere in the game (you can do this almost right away) and scroll down to “Store”. Hitting that advance button will bring up a prompt to put in your email (to make a new account), or you can move down to the bottom where you can sign in with an existing account. 

As soon as your account is logged in, a comet will fall from the sky. 

Where to Get the BFG 9000

Starting from the beginning area of the game -- it’s easiest to get directions if your at Vineland to start your search -- you will find the comet touchdown at the second fork in the road heading North. 

Keep right at the first fork, and stop at the second. You will see the impact spot of the comet on the front of the hill there just off of the road to the East. 

Now, all you have to do is muster up the courage, walk on over, and pick that bad boy up. Pleasantly, your character does a very awesome little animation when they first pick up the BFG 9000, one very reminiscent of Doom itself. Once you’ve picked it up, it’s yours! It will appear on your weapon wheel from now on. 

How to Get Ammo for the BFG 9000 

One thins that isn’t super clear right out of the gate when you get your BFG 9000 is that the ammunition is scarce. Rightfully so. Unfortunately for us, unlocking the weapon does not make the ammo become a loot drop throughout the world. Meaning, there won’t be any picking up BFG 9000 ammo whilst out on your adventure. 

Instead, the only way to get a refill on ammunition for your BFG 9000 will be heading into any of the trade town and talking to any vendor that sells ammunition (which is most of them). You can even stop the travelling trader for a quick refill on the go. 

Now, get out there and explode some things!

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