New NCAA Licensing Committee Could Mean The Return of EA NCAA Football

Jeff Kotuby,

May 15, 2019 8:26 AM

It's been 5 long years without a college football video game, but a new committee formed earlier this week could mean we're one step closer to a new NCAA Football video game.

For fans of college football, the six long years of suffering without a decent NCAA game may be coming to an end. Earlier today, the NCAA announced a working committee with the goal of altering the organization's licensing guidelines which could open the door for players to be compensated for companies using their likenesses. This pertains to using game highlights in advertisements, player names to sell jerseys, and more - but most importantly for us is the fact that we might finally get another EA NCAA Football game for the first time since 2014. 

The History of EA NCAA Football

The NCAA games offered a different feel than their professional counterparts and gained a following for their faster, arcade-style gameplay. Some gamers played the college games exclusively, eschewing the Madden series due to these engine differences. However, the football series saw its unfortunate end after the 2014 edition of the game, when developer and publisher EA halted production due to controversies about player likenesses not being fairly compensated. The original class action suit was filed by a former UCLA basketball player, though the verdict extended to all collegiate athletes. O'Bannon vs. NCAA would be the reason the collegiate sports body killed the NCAA sports games and left the future of the franchise in peril. 

Pictured: For better or worse, the reason we don't have NCAA video games anymore.  (Photo Courtesy: Richard Mackson, Sports Illustrated)

Rumors of an NCAA Football return were originally sparked by Madden NFL 20's College Football story mode, where the player can choose to lead one of 10 schools (Clemson, Florida State, Miami University, Florida, LSU, USC, Oregan, Texas, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma) to a national championship. While we can't play as our beloved Akron Zips or North Dakota State Bison, it's at least a start to mend the fence between EA and the NCAA. You can check out a snippet of the College Football mode in the trailer below: 

If we know anything about the NCAA, this process will probably take an eternity and we'll all be old and gray by the time a new NCAA football game gets released. At least we'll all be playing NCAA Football 2069 in the nursing home together. We got next! 

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(Feature image courtesy USA Today)


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