Fortnite John Wick Event Officially Teased by Epic Games

Nicholas Barth,

May 15, 2019 11:48 AM

Epic Games has taken to the official Fortnite Twitter account to tease an upcoming John Wick event for the popular battle royale title.

Epic Games is no stranger to having popular entertainment franchises crossover with its popular battle royale title of Fortnite. From having an Avengers: Endgame event to a collection of NFL skins, there is plenty of examples of Fortnite getting unique themed content. This exclusive content made the previously leaked John Wick event and cosmetic items all that more likely considering the title's past with blockbuster movies. However, Wednesday, May 15th saw Epic Games officially tease an upcoming event and cosmetic items based on the John Wick movie franchise. 

Fortnite John Wick Event

Taking to the official Twitter account for the battle royale game, Epic Games posted a Tweet that showed a John Wick like emoji character and an emoji to represent the movie character's signature dog companion in what was a clear confirmation that the previously leaked John Wick event and cosmetic items would indeed be making their way into Fortnite in the near future. 

You can find the official teaser for the Fortnite John Wick event below. 

While the exact contents of the new Fortnite event have not yet been announced by Epic Games, leaks from members of the community have shown that it will consist of a Limited Time Mode and a new cosmetic item set based on the action movie hero. 

This will not be the first time that the fan-favorite character has made an appearance in the battle royale title, as the Season 3 Tier 100 Battle Pass skin was clearly inspired by the high-profile move character played by actor Keanu Reeves. Now, the action movie legend will be getting an official nod in Fortnite before the release of the third movie in the franchise that goes by the name of John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum that will open to viewers on Friday, May 17th. 

Fortnite John Wick Event
Keanu Reeves as John Wick. 

What are your thoughts on a John Wick themed event and cosmetic items coming to the battle royale game of Fortnite in the future? Let us know your thoughts on the official teaser provided by Epic Games in the comments below!


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