Tfue Fortnite Battle Royale Settings Guide

Nicholas Barth,

May 17, 2019 10:43 AM

Want to play like Tfue of FaZe Clan? We have the settings that Tfue uses to dominate his competition covered for you.

Turner "Tfue" Tenney is known as one of the most talented and popular Fortnite Battle Royale players in the world. Routinely pulling in tens of thousands of viewers to his Twitch streams and having won an extremely large amount of prize money in professional Fortnite competitions, FaZe Clan member Tfue is arguably the top Fortnite player in the world currently. With Tfue having seen a great deal of success when it comes to streaming on Twitch and competing, many fans look to see if they can somewhat emulate the same level of play by using the same settings that the star player uses when he plays. If you are curious about how the FaZe Clan member plays Fortnite, be sure to check out all of the settings that Tfue uses below. 

Tfue Settings
(Source: FaZe Clan)

Tfue Settings

As with any professional esports player, the high-profile Twitch personality has set up his settings in a very specific way that he feels gives him the best possible chance of being successful whenever he is playing. These particular options that the streamer uses when he plays have been recorded by well-known esports settings tracking website prosettings for anyone to view and use when they play themselves to see if the ones used by Tfue work for them as well. 

You can find the settings that Tfue of FaZe Clan uses when he plays the popular battle royale title of Fortnite below. 

Tfue Settings

It is important to note that using the same options that Tfue uses when he plays Fortnite will not make you automatically as talented as the FaZe Clan player. This is why players are encouraged to test with their own options to see what feels the most comfortable for them. However, using the settings that the popular content creator uses can be a good starting point to find your own personal set of options that help you be the most successful player you can be in Fortnite.

(cover photo courtesy of FaZe Clan)


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