How To Win A Race in Team Sonic Racing

Jason Fanelli,

May 21, 2019 11:00 AM

Team Sonic Racing, the newest kart racer featuring Sonic and his pals, puts an interesting spin on traditional racing. This guide will give you the tips you need to win.

Sonic the Hedgehog and his pals are getting ready to return to the racetrack in Team Sonic Racing, and this team-based racer brings a new and unique set of rules. Crossing the finish line isn’t enough here, in order to take the first place trophy you’ll need to work with your teammates on the track to ensure all three of you stand on the top pedestal. How do you make that happen? Follow our guide to how to win and you’ll never see second place again.

Gotta Go Fast...As A Team

First, let’s talk about that unique Team Sonic Racing ruleset: in order to come in first place, a team of three racers must work in tandem to not only finish high in the ranking, but also score points that will further boost the team’s standing. It’s not enough for Sonic to finish in first place; if Tails and Knuckles finish 14th and 15th and the team didn’t gel, Sonic won’t get the gold.

It sounds really strange, and we’re willing to bet there will be a few confused players who will feel the burn of “winning but not actually winning.” The best way to win is to keep your teammates ahead of the pack with you, and to do that you’ll need to know the three main team moves: Slingshot, Skimboost, and Item Transfer. Once you learn them, the wins will come naturally.

The Slingshot can send a teammate speeding into the lead. 

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

First is the Slingshot, which Mario Kart veterans will immediately liken to “drafting.” When driving near a teammate, you’ll notice that character leaving a small golden trail in the track. If you drive in that trail for a short period of time, when you drive out again you’ll receive a quick speed boost. This move is good for moving up the field in a pack, as the characters can rotate who’s being Slingshotted and quickly move through the competition.

Second is the Skimboost, which allows a team member to give a slight boost to another who just got hit with an obstacle or item. Imagine Tails leading the pack, only to get hit with a bomb from Dr. Eggman. If Sonic or Knuckles pass closely by Tails as he grinds to a halt, Tails will receive an instant boost and stay in the hunt. Skimboosts require a quick reaction time, but they can be the difference between victory and defeat.

The last move is the Item Transfer, and this is the easiest of them all. When one racer grabs an item, with a single button press he or she can offer to transfer it to a teammate to use. If either teammate accepts, the whole team will score points. Item Transfer is crucial in a situation where one player is a few places ahead of the team, but grabs a powerful item. Instead of holding onto it, let the team use it and everyone wins.

Get close enough to a teammate while they're down and out and you can Skimboost them back into the race.

This is the ultimate!

All of these team moves build a small meter visible on the racer’s back bumper. When the meter fills up the Team Ultimate can be unleashed, and this is a game changer. Team Ultimate sends all three team members into overdrive while protecting them with a shield that repels items and damages opponents. Not only are they speeding up the rankings, but any poor soul that makes contact will be spinning out in no time.

The combination of all of these team moves is what will lead you to victory in Team Sonic Racing. There is an adjustment period, particularly for those who are experienced in other kart racers, but once the team-based aspects start to gel the competition heats up in a hurry. Just remember your Skimboosts and Slingshots and you’ll be cruising to victory.

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