How to Evolve Eevee into Leafeon or Glaceon in Pokemon GO!

Wyatt Fossett,

May 18, 2019 4:17 PM

Lots of new stuff has arrived in PokemonGO including the Generation 4 Eevee evolutions everyone has been waiting for. Here's how to get them.

With the arrival of even more Generation 4 Pokemon into the hit viral mobile game Pokemon GO, plenty of people are trying to figure out how to get their Eevee to evolve to one of the two newly added evolutions the world has been waiting for. 

Thankfully, the PokemonGO team have been making Eevee evolutions a lot easier than expected, especially the first time around. All you have to do is gather enough Eevee candies to evolve your 1st evolution, change the name of the Eevee to something specific, then evolve. Guaranteed, this works the first time, every single time. It will only work for the first evolution, and will not result in the same evolution moving forward. 

In order to get the two new Eevee evolutions, you will have to do the same. 

Gen 4 Eevee Evolutions -

Leafeon - use the nickname Linnea

Glaceon - use the nickname Rea

Thanks to this graphic from LeekDuck (below), you can clearly see the new nicknames needed to get the two Generation 4 evolutions of Eevee, as well as the five previous generations of Eeveelutions. 


In other additions, three new Lure Modules have been released to PokemonGO. There is the Glacial Lure, Mossy Lure, and Magnetic Lure. These new items can be used at PokeStops and will attract many Pokemon of that type. You can read the game update from Niantic on their blog


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