5 Video Game Franchises That Deserve a Jordan Crossover

Jeff Kotuby,

May 23, 2019 10:05 AM

While Fortnite has earned its place alongside the greatest sneaker company of all time, we think these 5 gaming franchises belong in the realm of the GOATs as well.

Fortnite and the Jordan sneaker brand recently made waves across pop culture when they announced the Fortnite X Jordan Collaboration, a joint venture between two titans of entertainment. While this isn't the first time we've seen fashion and video games cross over, here are a few game series we'd like to see crossover with the legendary sneaker company. 

Street Fighter 

How about a Ryu-themed pair of Spiz'ikes?

It's well documented how much we love the Street Fighter series - and for good reason! It's the first fighting game that comes to mind for most people out there - gamers or not. Its legendary status in the video game world ranks right up there with Michael Jordan himself. Ryu and Chun-Li already have hypebeast costumes (called B-Boy and B-Girl in-game, respectively) which is why we think a Ryu or Chun Li-themed pair of Js is warranted. Plus, clothing brand UNIQLO already collaborated with Street Fighter, so you hypebeasts have some clothing options to match your kicks. 

Image courtesy Capcom


Image courtesy Flight Club NY

The king of first-person shooters would also make inspiration for an awesome pair of Js. We're thinking a similar colorway to the Olive and Orange 5s, but with of a Doom flair. Replacing the white with black and the orange with red is a start. Add a little simulated blood for the full Doom experience, and you've got yourself a sick pair of kicks. 

Seriously, how cool would this crossover be? (Image courtesy Bethesda)


Image courtesy Blizzard

With so many different characters, the opportunity exists for an array of Js based on Overwatch characters. For example, we could see a Soldier 76-themed pair of 1s to match his old-school cool and a Symmetra pair of 33s as an ode to her futuristic design. Overwatch might just be the game with the most hypebeast crossover, which would make these Js instant collector's items. 


Russ' Why Not? Charizard PEs (Image courtesy @NBAKicks on Twitter)

NBA star Russell Westbrook has already rocked a few Pokemon-themed versions of his "Why Not?" Jordan-branded sneakers, so why not keep it in the family and do a Pokemon-themed collection of the numbered Jordans? We've already seen a million colorways of sneakers and cleats based around popular Generation 1 Pokemon like Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Charizard, and Mewtwo - let's get some new blood! We think a pair of 12s based around Greninja's color scheme would be pretty dope. Think the Michigan 12s with some pink and white instead of the trademark yellow. 

Image courtesy Flight Club NY


Just kidding. 

Super Mario

If there's only one video game character who can compare to Michael Jordan, it's Mario. The gold standard of game and character design, Mario is the closest thing that video games have to His Airness. These NES-themed Jordan 4s are an awesome place to start, but we're thinking something more along with Mario's red, white, and blue colorway. Plus, it's not that far-fetched for Mario to be associated with basketball. He can move quickly, jump high, and has a mean bounce pass (have you seen him throw fireballs?) Plus, it's not like Mario hasn't been in a basketball game with NBA players before (and no, we're not talking Mario Hoops

You forgot about the NBA Street V3 and Mario crossover, didn't you? Well, that poor soul in the white and blue certainly didn't. 

What games do you want to see crossover with Jordan brand? Or, if you're a new-school sneakerhead, maybe you'd prefer to see an Adidas or Puma crossover with your favorite game series? Join the Twin Galaxies community today and let us know in the comments below! 


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