How to Get Transfusion Grenades in Dauntless

Jeff Kotuby,

May 28, 2019 4:34 PM

Transfusion grenades are among the most helpful items in Dauntless. Here's how to get them.

Ever wish you could deal damage to one of the big Behemoths of Dauntless and heal yourself at the same time? The rare Transfusion Grenades will let you do just that. We know grenades aren't exactly the most popular item, but a well-used Transfusion Grenade could be the difference between completing your hunt - or failing miserably. 

How to Get Transfusion Grenades in Dauntless 

Alright Slayer, to max out on Transfusion Grenades, and all grenades in general, you'll be getting real friendly with Janek Zai. Janek Zai first introduces you to grenades and the Repeaters, the only guns in the game, and will ask you to deal some damage with them before he gives you some new stuff. You'll have to work your way through all of Janek's quests before you get your hands on the Transfusion Grenades. 

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Once you go through all of Janek's trials, you'll have access to the Transfusion Grenades. Get comfy - it could take a while to get through everything Janek asks you to do. The good news is that you'll be leveling up and gathering more materials as you blast your way through Behemoths to complete Janek's quests. 

How to Make Transfusion Grenades

Now that you've unlocked Transfusion Grenades, it's time to craft them. You will require 1 Omnistone and 2 Heart Lillies per grenade, so keep those materials in mind as you craft other gear and items for yourself. Luckily, they're not too difficult to find, as long as you put in some legwork to find them in the wild. 

Now that you've got your lovely Transfusion Grenades, it's time to hit something with them. Check out our guides on getting more orbs in Dauntless  or mosey on over to our weapon tier list to make sure you're not using a whack weapon (no pun intended for you hammer users.) If you're taking a Dauntless break and want to check out Epic Games' other really popular free-to-play game, check out who's going to be playing in the 2019 Fortnite Pro-Am!


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